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The New Transmission System Has Been Successfully Trial-produced

Dec 9, 2022 | Technology Development | 0 comments

Golden autumn valiant, hang gear group shaoxing forward company came to good news, the first set of PTL220 transmission system applied to large tractors trial production success. This success broke the monopoly of foreign companies in the country, marking the first company with independent independent intellectual property rights, with the production of large horsepower tractor core transmission system. For the company to enter the high-end agricultural machinery market in the future to lay the foundation.
At present, the domestic power shift high horsepower tractor core transmission system are used in foreign companies’ products, there is no similar independent brand products in China.
In May 2017, Zoomlion signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangtooth Advance for large tractors. In response to Zoomlion’s demand, the cooperation model of R&D by the Engineering Institute of Technology Center and contract manufacturing by Shaoxing Advance was fully launched.
In late July 2018, the drawings of PTL220 transmission system products were completed and all sent to Shaoxing Company. Under the great assistance and guidance of the technology center of the group company. All cadres and workers of Shaoxing Company made concerted efforts and cooperated fully, and fought for 2 months for successful trial production. Recently, the assembly number PTL22 040 001 first set of transmission system smoothly out of production, the technical indicators qualified.
The PTL220 transmission system produced by Shaoqian Company is the most complex power shift gearbox in the history of Hangzhou Gear, its advanced technology to break the technical monopoly of large foreign companies in China, is the first of its kind in China. PTL220 transmission system assembly includes ND220 power shift box, NT220 synchronizer shift box, HCRC40 drive axle, QL750 pickup box, hydraulic control system, etc. It adopts the integrated structure of axle box, with 40 forward gears and 40 reverse gears.
This new product applied to large tractors is a new beginning for Hangteeth Group to develop independently, drive market cooperation with technology, replace imports and actively develop high-end agricultural machinery market.
The New Transmission System


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