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Advance TC/TF-series Tunnel Thruster Series

The tunnel thruster design is based on proven technologies from France and Holland. With innovative effort of the R&D team, full-series Advance tunnel thrusters with own IP have been developed. The development is done to meet continuous operation under severe weather in offshore. So all tunnel thrusters can be applied to continuous working ships such as dynamic positioning operation up to DP3, ice-class ships and research ships. As an integrator, the tunnel thruster system the company delivered is a package including prime mover, starter (normally reduced-voltage starter), hydraulic system and electric control system.
Tunnel thruster includes that with CPP or FPP. The FPP tunnel thruster (TF-series) is equipped with variable frequency device (VFD) to control speed and reversal; the CPP tunnel thruster (TC-series) runs at constant speed, changing thrust direction via inverting pitch.The tunnel thrust system is mainly suitable for offshore or port-arrival operations of ships; also suitable for ships that work near to and serving drilling platform, which requiring high maneuverability, reliable control and sufficient safety factor.
SeaMac, as Advance’s official marine power package general contractor, provides complete propulsion and power systems for various ships around the world. It mainly includes marine engines, gearboxes, shafts, propellers, marine generator sets, electric control rod systems and other marine accessories. We also provide all customers with full life cycle services from design to power supply system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from troubleshooting to maintenance technical support.

Advantages Of  Advance TC/TF-series Tunnel Thruster Series

1. Compared to embedded or spot-welding stainless steel ring, ‘explosion welding’ stainless steel ring is applied to increase reliability of tunnel. Between tunnel and gear pod is used dual sealing ring to enhance water-tight performance for less maintenance.
2. Gear and shaft: apply quality alloy steel.

3. CPP hub: Use integral hub casting, with lest components, big piston diameter, low hydraulic oil pressure, and high reliability.

4. Bearing: Radial and axial load are borne by respective bearing to increase stability.

5. Sealing: Redundant sealing is used at top of pinion shaft, and reliable sealing at propeller shaft.

6. Feedback: Use mechanical feedback with link bar and linear feedback transmitter, resistant to load impact.

Advance TC/TF-series Tunnel Thruster Series

This is a list of all of Advance TC/TF-series Tunnel Thruster Series.
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