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Advance 4WY-series Torque Converter

4WY-series Torque Converter is a double-turbine four-element independently installed hydraulic torque converter, A dual-flow or multi-flow hydraulic transmission element consisting of a hydraulic torque converter and a two-degree-of-freedom mechanical element is called a hydromechanical torque converter. For the internal split hydraulic mechanical torque converter, the power flow is split in the impeller inside the hydraulic torque converter and merged in the mechanical components.normally installed on ZL-series hydraulic transmission for 5t or 6t loader.
The 4WY series hydraulic torque converter is composed of pump wheel, turbine, guide and other components. The design of twin turbines greatly improves the conversion efficiency of the torque converter. The nominal torque range of the zero-speed working condition is 76.74-157.57 N.M, and the nominal torque range of the high-efficiency working condition is 60.04-125.4 N.M. The highest efficiency is 0.9, and the high-efficiency range is between 2.24-3.22. When the cascade parameters of each working wheel and the transmission ratio of the gears are reasonably designed, it can have a higher starting torque converter coefficient and a wider range of high-efficiency zones.
As the official agent of Advance, SeaMac provides complete transmission systems for global engineering products, and we also provide full life cycle services for all customers, from design to power system supply, from installation to commissioning, from sales service training to spare parts Supply, technical support from troubleshooting to overhaul.

Advantages Of  Advance 4WY-series Torque Converter

1. County has good adaptive performance.
2. Improve the service life of the vehicle.

3. Improve the passability of the vehicle and have good low-speed stability.

4. Simplifies handling and improves driver and passenger comfort.

5. The power of the engine can be fully utilized without interruption, which is beneficial to reducing air pollution caused by engine exhaust.

6. Long service life There is no mechanical connection between the working wheels of the hydraulic element, no mechanical wear, and the working medium is inorganic mineral oil, which is easy to maintain, high in reliability and long in service life.

Advance 4WY-series Torque Converter

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