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Advance Transfer Case

The Advance transfer case is mainly composed of input clutch parts, intermediate shaft parts, output shaft parts, box parts, oil pump transmission parts, and pipeline parts. An output part is vertically arranged above the input clutch part and installed on the box body parts through bearings. In the casing, the output shaft end of the output shaft part is connected with a hydraulic pump; the horizontal direction of the input clutch part is respectively meshed with the gears of two intermediate shaft parts through the gears, and each of them is connected with a gear through the intermediate shaft parts. The output shaft part is connected with a hydraulic pump at both ends of the output shaft of the output shaft part; it can realize the function of single input, multiple outputs and work at the same time.
Advance can manufacture all kinds of transfer cases, the maximum power can reach 21MW, and the number of power take-offs can reach up to 20. The various transfer cases that the company can manufacture can be widely used in automobiles, engineering vehicles, ships, mechanical equipment and other occasions that require transfer (with clutch).
As the official agent of Advance, SeaMac provides complete transmission systems for global industrial products, and we also provide full life cycle services for all customers, from installation to commissioning, from sales service training to spare parts supply, from troubleshooting to overhaul technology support.

Advantages Of  Advance Transfer Case

1. The maximum power of the transfer case can reach 21MW, and the maximum number of power take-off ports can reach 20.
2. Pure mechanical structure, high reliability, simple operation, compact structure, lower noise.

3. Easy installation, saving space and weight.

4. Customized gearboxes can be provided according to customer requirements and working conditions.

Advance Transfer Case Series

This is a list of all of Advance Transfer Case Series.
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