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Advance Medium-Heavy Duty Gearboxs

Advance Medium-Heavy Duty Gearbox products can be divided into 800 series,1000 series,1100 series,1200 series,1400 series,1600 series,2000 series, 2700 series.

Advance Medium-Heavy Duty Gearbox have the ability to reducing speed, ahead and astern, clutching and dispatching and carrying the propeller thrust. The gearbox has reliable operation, stable meshing, high conversion efficiency, good transmission performance, large rated propeller thrust, convenient maintenance and durability. The transfer capacity ranges from 0.278 kW /rpm to 2.05 kW/rpm, with a ratio of 1.54:1-24.37:1.

This series of products are independently developed, designed, manufactured and tested by Advance for more than 50 years. They are widely used in transport ships, fishing boats, roller coasters and sea ships, with a market share of more than 65%, and are fully trusted and praised by the majority of users.

 As an official marine power pack packager of Advance, SeaMac provide complete propulsion system and power system for all kinds of ships all around the world. Mainly including marine engine, gearbox, shaft, propeller, marine genset, electric control lever system and other marine accessories. We also provide full life cycle services for all our customers, from design to power system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from trouble shooting to overhaul technical support.

Advantages of Medium-Heavy Duty Gearboxs

1.simple structure, fewer parts, small volume: easy to repair, installation.

2.customer selection is rich: to meet different categories of industrial machinery.
Different engine layouts are required

3.Product upgrade with strong versatility: the customer interface is basically unchanged.

4.Good reliability: long-term quality assurance does not decline.

5.Good power performance: widely used.

6.Low emissions: environmental protection.

7.Product chain rich: to meet the requirements of different stages of emissions, a variety of not.

Find Medium-Heavy Duty Gearboxs by Series

This is the list of all series of Advance Medium-Heavy Duty Gearboxs.

800 |

Advance HCW801 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:1000-1900 r/min
Reduction Ratio:12.01-24.37
Trans.Capacity:0.897-0.442 kW/rpm
Power Range:442-1704.3 kw

Advance HCT800/3 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:800-2100 r/min
Reduction Ratio:16.56-21.94
Trans.Capacity:0.597-0.414 kW/rpm
Power Range:331.2-1253 kw

Advance HCT800/2A Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:600-1900 r/min
Reduction Ratio:13.12-22.18
Trans.Capacity:0.6816-0.435 kW/rpm
Power Range:261-1295.04 kw

Advance HCT800/2 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:600-2100 r/min
Reduction Ratio:11.52-18.94
Trans.Capacity:0.6-0.382 kW/rpm
Power Range:229.2-1260 kw

Advance HCT800/1 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:600-2100 r/min
Reduction Ratio:6.91-17.91
Trans.Capacity:0.625-0.378 kW/rpm
Power Range:226.8-1312.5 kw

Advance HCT800 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:600-2100 r/min
Reduction Ratio:3.0-5.89
Trans.Capacity:0.625- 0.480 kW/rpm
Power Range:288-1312.5 kw

Advance HCD800 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:600-2100 r/min
Reduction Ratio:3-5.89
Trans.Capacity:0.625-0.515 kW/rpm
Power Range:309-1312.5 kw

1000 |

Advance HCD1000 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:600-2100 r/min
Reduction Ratio:3.43-5.83
Trans.Capacity:0.735-0.65 kW/rpm
Power Range:390-1543.5 kw

Advance HC1000 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:600-2100 r/min
Reduction Ratio:2.0-4.06
Trans.Capacity:0.735 0.65 kW/rpm
Power Range:390-1543.5 kw

1100 |

Advance HCW1100 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:1500-1800 r/min
Reduction Ratio:15.88-21.99
Trans.Capacity:0.931-0.701 kW/rpm
Power Range:1051.5-1675.8 kw

Advance HCT1100 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:600-1900 r/min
Reduction Ratio:4.94-8.9
Trans.Capacity:0.846-0.653 kW/rpm
Power Range:391.8-1607.4 kw

1200 |

Advance HC1250 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:1500-3000 r/min
Reduction Ratio:2.03-3.95
Trans.Capacity:0.919 0.850 kW/rpm
Power Range:1275-2757 kw

1400 |

Advance HCW1400 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:600-1800 r/min
Reduction Ratio:6.99-12.54
Trans.Capacity:1.209-0.674 kW/rpm
Power Range:404.4-2176.2 kw

Advance HCD1400 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:600-1900 r/min
Reduction Ratio:3.5-5.86
Trans.Capacity:1.03 0.778 kW/rpm
Power Range:446.8-1957 kw

1600 |

Advance HCD1600 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:500-1650 r/min
Reduction Ratio:2.97-5.25
Trans.Capacity:1.213 1.164 kW/rpm
Power Range:1920.6-2001.45 kw

Advance HC1600 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:500-1600 r/min
Reduction Ratio:2.03-4.0
Trans.Capacity:1.213 kW/rpm
Power Range:1275-2757 kw

2000 |

Advance HC2000 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:600-1500 r/min
Reduction Ratio:5.19-11.0
Trans.Capacity:1.48-1 kW/rpm
Power Range:600-2220 kw

2700 |

Advance HCT2700 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:500-1400 r/min
Reduction Ratio:4.92-10.05
Trans.Capacity:2.05-1.54 kW/rpm
Power Range:770-2870 kw

Advance HCD2700 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:500-1400 r/min
Reduction Ratio:3.65-6.11
Trans.Capacity:2.05-1.7 kW/rpm
Power Range:850-2870 kw

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