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Advance Copper-base Friction Material

Copper-base friction material takes copper as main component and adds alloy elements to strengthen the basis material, uses elements of graphite, lead, silicone dioxide etc to improve friction wearing performance, and applies powder metallurgy press sintering or sprinkling sintering procedures to finish the friction material, which has features of high temperature resistance and perfect friction performance.The material is widely used in ships, automobiles, tractors, clutches, brakes and many other fields. It can be used in dry or wet working conditions.
The maximum dynamic friction coefficient of copper-based friction materials is 0.08/0.35, the maximum static friction coefficient is 0.15/0.45, and its wear rate is 1×10-8cm3/J~2×10-7cm3/J, and the maximum allowable specific pressure is 6.0/3.0MPa.
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Advantages Of  Advance Copper-base Friction Material

1. Friction factor is stable, pressure, speed and temperature have little effect on it, and the difference between dynamic and static friction factors is small.
2. High heat resistance and good thermal conductivity.
3. High abrasion resistance, no damage to the counterpart surface, good anti-seize performance
4. Even braking and stable jointing in use.
5. good mechanical strength, in use should be able to withstand centrifugal force, shear force and its force and not be destroyed.
6. good anti-corrosion properties.

Advance Copper-base Friction Material

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