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Blades Provide Chinese Ship Solutions for Offshore Wind Power

Dec 30, 2022 | Technology Development, Technical Articles | 0 comments

December 24, China Shipbuilding Seven25 Shuangrui wind power in Jiangsu Yancheng base ushered in the world’s longest SR260 blade, the introduction of this blade, will continue to contribute strongly to the offshore wind power China Shipbuilding Shuangrui blade solutions.

Super strong blades provide Chinese ship solutions for offshore wind power
SR260 blade impeller diameter reached 260 meters, blade sweeping wind area of more than 53,000 square meters, equivalent to 7.4 standard soccer field area. In terms of power generation capacity, based on the powerful wind catching ability of SR260 blade, the annual power generation capacity of the wind turbine will reach 67 million kWh, which is equivalent to the total annual electricity consumption of 80,000 residents and can reduce carbon dioxide emission by 65,000 tons.

Project team in the blade development process to achieve ultra-long flexible blade air-elastic stability design and structural lightweight design, a breakthrough in the carbon fiber pultruded plate overall molding and ultra-long blade shell infusion and many other process technology barriers. In the process of new product trial production, team members always adhered to the hard work and dedication of the spirit of Hami, and continuously transferred to multiple bases. With the great assistance of Binzhou and Yancheng bases, the team worked together and overcame all difficulties to successfully complete the development of SR260 blade. The smooth launch of the blade coalesced with the sweat and wisdom of all Shuangrui employees.

The development of SR260 blade is the practical action of Shuangrui Wind Power to implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress and the Group’s strategic initiatives to vigorously develop clean energy. Under the guidance and strong support of the Group and the Seven25 Institute, Shuangrui Windpower insists on innovation leading, seaward and strong, excels in the field of wind turbine blade, and has built the longest wind turbine blade SR171, the first 100-meter blade SR210, the first mass-produced 100-meter blade SR220 and the extended SR236, and the world’s longest blade SR260 in recent years. Each extension of blade length represents Shuangrui wind power people’s ultimate pursuit of technological progress and persistent adherence to the brand.

It is reported that the blade will be equipped with the world’s largest single power 18MW offshore unit, which will be launched by China National Offshore, and Shuangrui Windpower and China National Offshore will contribute to the high-quality development of China Shipbuilding Group’s wind power industry and help the group to further improve and strengthen the wind power industry chain. Shuangrui Wind Power will continue to practice the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, adhere to the policy of innovation-led, land and sea-based, seaward and strong, continue to contribute Shuangrui’s wisdom to the wind power business, and make new contributions to the realization of the 30-60 strategic goals.


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