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Advance Automobile Transfer Case

The main function of the transfer case is to distribute the power of the engine and output the power to the rear axle, or to the front/rear axle at the same time.Since the 3.5t automobile transfer case jointly developed by Advance Company and Dongfeng in the 1980s, it has successively developed transfer cases suitable for various off-road and special vehicles, with a transmission capacity ranging from 1800Nm to 24000Nm. The products cover part-time four-wheel drive and full (partial) time difference four-wheel drive, different torque ratio differentials and 1:1 differentials. It is designed as a ground gear, constant mesh helical gear; the transmission is smooth. This series of products has mature technology and high reliability.
As the official agent of Advance, SeaMac provides a complete transmission system for global automotive products, and we also provide full life cycle services for all customers, from installation to commissioning, from sales service training to spare parts supply, from troubleshooting to overhaul Technical Support.

Advantages Of  Automobile Transfer Case

1. All gears are helical, ground, thus smooth in transmission and low in noise.
2. Input and output flanges connect to shaft via spline, thus convenient to dis- and reassemble.

3. The operation is simple and labor-saving, which reduces the labor intensity of the driver and improves the adaptability and power performance of the car.

4. Reduce fuel consumption and reduce emission pollution.

5. Extend the life of the engine and transmission components, improve and enhance the power of the car.

Advance Automobile Transfer Case

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