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Advance Powder Metallurgy Friction Reducing Materials

Advance powder metallurgy wear reducing materials are wear reducing materials prepared by powder metallurgy process after adding lubricating elements or sintered porous matrix skeleton and dipping into liquid lubricating components in material components. They can be divided into copper-based wear reducing materials and composite self-lubricating materials. Used in machinery to reduce friction parts, such as: bearings, bearing wear plates, etc.
Advance powder metallurgy grinding materials in copper-based grinding materials density 7.0 ~ 7.2 g/cm³, oil content greater than 15%, hardness between HB25 ~ 50. The density of iron-based grinding materials is 5.9-6.3 g/cm³, the oil content is more than 15%, and the hardness is between HB 60 and 110. Large electrostatic precipitator used by the wear plate (Du) specific pressure in 10 ~ 15 Mpa, dynamic friction coefficient range of 0.05 ~ 0.1. Marine gear box wear plate, support ring, high-speed thrust bearings in diesel engines are used in powder metallurgy wear reduction materials. Reduce friction and increase transmission efficiency.
As an official distributor of Advance, SeaMac provides quality powder metallurgy products to the global machinery industry. We also provide full lifecycle service to all customers, from installation to commissioning, from sales service training to spare parts supply, from troubleshooting to overhaul technical support.

Advantages Of  Advance Powder Metallurgy Friction Reducing Materials

1. Friction factor is stable, pressure, speed and temperature have little effect on it, and the difference between dynamic and static friction factors is small.
2. High heat resistance and good thermal conductivity.
3. High abrasion resistance, no damage to the counterpart surface, good anti-seize performance
4. Even braking and stable jointing in use.
5. good mechanical strength, in use should be able to withstand centrifugal force, shear force and its force and not be destroyed.
6. good anti-corrosion properties.
7. low economic cost and good economy

Advance Powder Metallurgy Friction Reducing Materials

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