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About the Winter Solstice Team

This is a picture of the winter Solstice team out

With gratitude and awe, EMAC people clearly understand, all the happy lives we have today comes from a stable social environment, efficient government policies, rich natural resources and abundant labor resources.
Everything we have is not what we deserve, but is given by society. We always remind ourselves to be grateful and do our best to help more people on the premise of taking good care of ourselves and our family.

As one of the founding members, EMAC actively promoted the establishment of the Winter Solstice Public Welfare Organization. Winter Solstice Organization is a non-profit organization formed by a group of enthusiastic public welfare people that working in international marketing field. We have been concerned about the growth of left-behind children in poor areas.

With public welfare as the initial heart, international marketing topics as the carrier, exchange and sharing as the purpose, teaching and learning as the result, winter Solstice Organization insists on at least one offline international marketing exchange and sharing meeting every month. Each activity has a clear theme, and the specific goal is to improve practical ability, helping all members to deeply learn and understand marketing skills, including video marketing, marketing fundamentals, how to adapt Python into international marketing.

All team members are public welfare enthusiasts, the winter Solstice public welfare day activities improve their sense of gratitude, contentment of us. So as to inspire themselves to better cherish the time, to fight for the cause and life, washing their hearts, reshape their career fighting power and love of life.

All members of the Winter Solstice Charity have no overlapping interests and pure thoughts. At the same time, we go into rural areas together, return to the scene of our childhood, feel the simple folk customs of the villagers, and recover the original good thoughts while giving charity love.
All the members of Winter Solstice Organization agrees, the winter solstice this day every year is our official charity activity day, and all the members based on their own learnings from Winter Solstice Organization, combined with their actual economic situation, decide the donation amount for the charity activity day, and we go to poor areas send our warm to people in need of help and assistance in the winter solstice day every year.

Winter Solstice Charity Event

This is a photo of the winter Solstice charity team visiting poverty-stricken areas.

Winter Solstice Charity —GuiZhou

Winter Solstice public trade camp
Dec 19 – Dec 22

Through the winter Solstice public welfare activities to improve their sense of gratitude, contentment.  

This is a picture of the winter Solstice team out.
This is a picture of the winter Solstice team.
This is a picture of the winter Solstice team.
This is a picture of the winter Solstice team.
This is a picture of the winter Solstice team.
This is a picture of the winter Solstice team.
This is a picture of the winter Solstice team.
This is a picture of the winter Solstice team out.

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