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Advance Wind-energy Products Series

Advance wind energy products include wind turbine gearboxes below 1mw, 1.5mw series wind turbine gearboxes, 2mw series wind turbine gearboxes, 2.5mw series wind turbine gearboxes, 3mw series wind turbine gearboxes, and 3.6mw series Wind turbine gearbox, 5mw series wind turbine gearbox, yaw and pitch gearbox and other series.
Advance is the earliest company in China to design and manufacture wind power gearboxes. It has participated in the Chinese scientific and technological research project “Research on Key Technologies of Large Wind Power Generation Systems” and drafted the national standard GB/T19073-2008 Wind Turbine Generator System Gearboxes. Hangchi can provide 100kW~5.5kW fan gearboxes. Products above 1.5MW adopt international advanced differential and flexible pin core technology, with uniform load distribution, high reliability and high power density; suitable for working conditions in oceans and plateaus. Various wind turbine gearboxes produced by Advance have been operating in large wind farms in China. Advance’s design and manufacturing capabilities are at the leading international level.
As the official agent of Advance, SeaMac provides complete transmission systems for global wind energy products, and we also provide full life cycle services for all customers, from installation to commissioning, from sales service training to spare parts supply, from troubleshooting to overhaul technology support.

Advantages Of  Advance Wind-energyProducts

1. Carry out finite element analysis on the shell, torsion arm, and planet carrier, and optimize the structure under the premise of ensuring strength and rigidity.
2. Provide forced lubrication for the bearing, prolonging the service life of the bearing.

3. Using international advanced differential and flexible pin core technology, the load distribution is uniform, the reliability is high, and the power density is large.

4. Reasonable sealing method is adopted to avoid oil leakage.

5. Customized gearboxes can be provided according to customer requirements and working conditions.

6. The shell is made of cast iron with high toughness, which has strong temperature adaptability and good performance.

Advance Wind-energy Products

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