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Advance Multiple Power Clutch Series

Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd. Is specialized in designing and manufacturing transmissions and power metallurgical products,  which is one of major high- and new- tech enterprises in China.

The company has established a strong cooperative relationship and a strong marketing service network at home and abroad , customer service within 24 hours in Zhejiang province and 48 hours outside the province . In domestic market, we have 4 sales companies, 12 cities set up offices ; In oversea market, we have have sales and service agencies in Southeast Asia, South America, India and Europe. Dedicated to provide users with fast, high quality, satisfactory service . The sales and service area covers the economically developed areas along the eastern coast, Qinghai, Xinjiang and other remote areas in the northwest and some international regions.

General Specifications of Multiple Power Clutch Series

Transmission capacity:1000 – 20000 N.m 
DCEC 6BT5.9 Marine Main Engine Catalogue

Engine Model

Rated Power

Peak Torque

Engine Model

Rated Power

Peak Torque

6BT5.9-M120120 Hp @ 2200 RPM430 N.m @ 1600 RPM6BTA5.9-M150150 Hp @ 2200 RPM616 N.m @ 1400 RPM

Advance Multiple Power Clutch Series

This is a list of all of Advance Multiple Power Clutch Series.
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