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Advance Automotive Products

Since the 1980s, Advance has been involved in the development of automobile transmissions, successively introduced the transmission technology of Fiat light passenger cars from Italy, the transmission technology of Peugeot cars from France and the transmission technology of Renault commercial vehicles, and developed HC series and T series suitable for heavy trucks and large trucks Transmissions or medium-sized city buses, road buses and commercial vehicles are matched with most automobile manufacturers, and the technical performance has reached the advanced level of similar products. And cooperated with Dongfeng Company to develop a 3.5-ton vehicle transfer case, and expanded to various off-road vehicles and special vehicle transfer cases. With the development of new energy vehicles, the company cooperates with major domestic automobile groups and well-known universities to develop pure electric and hybrid vehicle transmissions, which are applied to pure electric buses, buses, small four-wheel electric vehicles, large pure electric city buses and hybrid car. In recent years, it has devoted itself to the development of AMT transmissions for large and medium-sized city buses.
Advanced automotive products can be divided into HC series transmission series, T series automotive transmission series, automotive running box series, electric vehicle transmission series, electric vehicle transmission (AMT) series.
As the official agent of Advance, SeaMac provides a complete transmission system for global automotive products, and we also provide full life cycle services for all customers, from installation to commissioning, from sales service training to spare parts supply, from troubleshooting to overhaul Technical Support.

Advantages Of  Automotive Products

1. The operation is simple and labor-saving, which reduces the labor intensity of the driver and improves the adaptability and power performance of the car.
2. Effectively attenuates the torsional vibration of the drive train and prevents the drive train from overloading.

3. Extend the life of the engine and transmission components, improve and enhance the power of the car.

4. Reduce fuel consumption and reduce emission pollution.

5. High transmission efficiency, low cost, mature product technology and high reliability.

Advance Automotive Products

This is a list of all of Advance Automotive Products.
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