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Increased Efficiency and Precision: Gear Production with Hobbing

Jul 7, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

When it comes to gear manufacturing, speed and precision are of the essence. The ability to produce gears quickly while maintaining impeccable precision offers gear manufacturers the opportunity to produce parts for a variety of applications. Gear hobbing is a gear manufacturing technique that helps speed up production, improve accuracy and reduce costs.

What is gear hobbing?

Gear hobbing is an efficient, versatile and cost-effective gear cutting process. It involves the use of a specialized cutting tool called a hob. Gear hobbing can be used to make a variety of parts, including:

. Spline
. Sprocket
. Helical gear
. Spur gear
. Worm gear


Can hobbing speed up gear production?

Unlike other gear cutting methods that require tool changes, gear hobbing uses a continuous process to produce parts, which saves a lot of time and allows you to increase production.

Advantages of outsourcing projects to gear hobbing machines

If you want to increase the efficiency and precision of gear manufacturing so you can start a new business, but don’t have the funds or bandwidth to invest in gear hobbing machinery or hire new employees, outsource parts to a trusted partner who can help you increase capacity to take on new projects.

Improve precision and part precision

Federal Gear and Machine invested in gear hobbing so we can quickly produce parts with consistent and precise tooth profiles. Using a hob allows us to closely control the tooth size and profile of the gear.

Quickly adapt to customer needs

Without the right equipment, it can be difficult to adapt when customer needs change. Because gear hobbing is a versatile process, we can quickly manufacture all types of gears for our customers, including spur, helical and worm gears in a variety of sizes and tooth profiles. We have experience with engineered parts for a variety of applications, including aerospace, medical, military, and more.

Reduce your costs

Due to the high efficiency of gear hobbing, we can provide customers with cost-effective solutions for high-volume gear production. Hobbing also eliminates the need for additional finishing processes, helping to reduce costs.

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