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Some Technical Knowledge about Gear

Jun 9, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

A gear is a very common mechanical transmission element whose function is to convert the rotational motion of an engine or electric motor into another form of motion. Gears are not only widely used in various mechanical equipment, but also play a vital role in vehicles, ships, airplanes and other vehicles. This article will introduce some technical knowledge about gears.

Bad gears can also be repaired, let’s take a look

When encountering broken gears, don’t throw them away, let’s see how the handmade masters perfectly repair them. First use a cutting machine to smooth out the broken gear residue. Then use a grinding head to punch a few holes in the repaired flat position to achieve subsequent reinforcement. After taking out the unused sewer plastic pipe at home and sawing it for a short section, use 5000 grit sandpaper to smooth the sawed place, and take out a 20-meter machete. Cut the chamfer at one-third of the incision, fasten the ground half of the gear to prevent slipping, and fix the gear on the table with screws. Next, take out the plasticine that my son usually plays with, knead it into a long strip, fit the gear, and press it hard to achieve the sealing effect. Cut the remaining candles into shards after having a candlelight dinner with my wife, put them in a homemade small pot, simmer for five minutes on low heat, pour the liquid water candles into the fixed gear slots, and wait quietly for solidification , After cleaning up the son’s plasticine, gently remove the stuck water pipe. Gently shovel the raised candle with a blade, remove the fixing screw, and gently break it off to solidify. The candle was stuck above and below where the broken tooth was, and was sealed with glue around it. Ok, fix it on the table again, take a little white cement, put it in a special container, inject 10ml of epoxy resin, stir well and inject the last soul. After the epoxy curing agent is stirred to beige, pour it into the closed gear groove. Meimei has completely solidified after waking up. Use pliers to tear off the fixed glue, use a blade to clean up the remaining residue, use a grinder to smooth the excess position, and then use fine sandpaper to finely polish it. By the way, use an electric The grinding head inverts the corner of the edge and uses great power to break off the solidified candle. After cleaning the edges and corners, a perfectly restored gear is presented before our eyes.

What is the difference between forging and casting in gear machining?

The internal structure of gear forging is compact, high in strength, long in service life, excellent in performance, not only beautiful in appearance, but also greatly improved in working hardness, with very few impurities, more reliable in explosion-proof performance, and can be used in strict working conditions. The internal structure of gear casting is relatively poor, the strength is low, and it is prone to trachoma shrinkage, and it is easy to break and deform. Under normal working conditions, the explosion-proof level can be lower than that of forging process tools, the cost of forging is high, and the cost of casting is low. The choice should be made according to the cost and usage conditions. In contrast, gear forging will attract more attention in the future development.

Application of gears on gear reducer

In many cases, mechanical equipment does not need to rotate too fast, but needs more power. To meet the demand, the gear reducer was invented. The gear reducer uses the power of high-speed operation to mesh with the gears on the input shaft of the reducer, and then outputs it to the large gear to achieve the purpose of deceleration. Its principle is to use the small gear to drive the large gear to achieve the effect of deceleration, coupled with the multi-stage gear structure, the speed will be even slower. The gear reducer is a relatively precise machine, which can not only reduce the speed, but also increase the output torque. Gear reducers are used in machinery and equipment in many fields such as industry and agriculture. I just mentioned torque to insert a question, foreign words, the editor accidentally discovered that I had read it wrong before. This one who reads the third tone all over the world, I also looked it up in the dictionary, and there is no fourth tone at all, isn’t it amazing? But if the calf song feels very. It’s awkward, I’ll read torque next. There are many types of gear reducers. Let’s take a look at several common types of planetary gear reducers. It is composed of a large gear and multiple small gears inside, just like the planets in the universe are named after the sun. Compared with other reducers, the planetary reducer has the characteristics of high precision, high transmission efficiency, and basically no maintenance. Because of these characteristics, most planetary reducers are installed on 4-volt motors to reduce the speed and increase the torque. The worm reducer is composed of a gear and a worm. Generally, the worm is an upper standard, and the direction of rotation is at a right angle. It is better than obtaining the power of the motor and generating a high torque. The wave rod reducer has a compact structure, a large transmission ratio but high transmission efficiency. Low, suitable for small power intermittent work occasions. Helical gear reducers are similar to worm reducers, except that the helical gears are angled, which creates a higher mesh ratio, which produces less noise and makes them stronger. This pinch design creates a larger contact area without disengagement. The cut-off wheel reducer is space-saving, has durability and high overload capacity, and mainly provides medium and high speeds for machinery. Spur gear reducers have supports parallel to the axis and are the most common and most commonly used type of gear reducer, which can consist of multiple gears. The spur gear reducer is simple in design, but has a large torque, high efficiency, and is very strong and stable. It is suitable for slightly high-speed operation and is also the first choice for most industries.

As an important mechanical transmission element, gears are widely used in various fields. Understanding the basic structure, design principles, processing process and related technical knowledge of gears is of great significance for improving the performance and service life of gears and ensuring the normal operation of mechanical equipment. At the same time, with the continuous development of science and technology, gear technology is also constantly improving and innovating, which brings more convenience and benefits to our production and life. It is believed that in the days to come, gear technology will be continuously improved and promoted to bring greater contributions to mankind.
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