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Hangzhou Gear Group Supports “Green” Asian Games

Sep 15, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

The countdown to the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou has entered. This conference adheres to the concept of “green, smart, frugal and civilized” and will show the style of Hangzhou to the world. As a local state-owned enterprise, Hangzhou Gear Group makes full use of its own advantages and actively serves the Asian Games.

At the end of August, the new energy cruise ship project equipped with Hangzhou Gear Marine Gearbox successfully made its trial voyage. The four cruise ships serve the “Poetic Road Culture·Three Rivers and Two Banks” golden water tourism route, which will bring new green services to domestic and foreign tourists during the Asian Games. Show the world the charm of green energy and green electricity.

The Hangge New Energy Marine Gearbox installed on the cruise ship of this project is used to match the 140kW propulsion motor and propulsion system. During the ship trial in August, Hangzhou Gear sent staff to follow the ship throughout the entire process to ensure the stable operation of the gearbox despite the scorching heat and ensure the ship was delivered smoothly and on time.

In recent years, with the gradual promotion of concepts such as “green energy, green ships, and green waterways”, Hangzhou Gear Group has responded to the market, strengthened research and development efforts, and developed a series of gears suitable for “new energy, hybrid power, and electric propulsion” ships. Box products, the power range covers 50kW-10000kW. At present, the company’s “new energy, hybrid power, electric propulsion” products have been widely used in various types of ships such as cruise ships, transport ships, engineering ships, and official ships.

Hangzhou Gear Group supports “green” Asian Games
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