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Advance Two Speed Gearbox Series

Advance marine two speed gearboxes have a speed input range of 300-1700 RPM. The reduction ratio range is 2-6, the transmission capacity range is 1.97-5.6 kW/RPM, and the rated propeller thrust is 100-750 KN. Set the second gear reduction ratio in the car gear, through the fast and slow gear shifting of the gear box, the propeller can obtain different torques, so as to achieve the balance between the ship, the machine and the propeller, and improve the operation economy of the diesel engine. It is equipped with a double-speed ratio gear Container ships can save fuel consumption by 6~10% throughout the year.
Advance marine two speed gearbox has the functions of driving fast, driving slowly, reversing, clutching, bearing propeller thrust, etc. The input shaft and output shaft can be arranged concentrically, vertically, horizontally, and angularly. According to different customer needs, you can choose the operation mode of pulling the flexible shaft, air control or electric control (manual emergency control next to the machine). Mainly used in transport ships, fishing boats, tugboats, port ships, various engineering operation ships, etc.
SeaMac, as Advance’s official marine power package general contractor, provides complete propulsion and power systems for various ships around the world. It mainly includes marine engines, gearboxes, shafts, propellers, marine generator sets, electric control rod systems and other marine accessories. We also provide all customers with full life cycle services from design to power supply system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from troubleshooting to maintenance technical support.

Advantages of Two Speed Gearbox

1. Gearbox novel structure, so that its use becomes very reliable. The excellent design makes the gearbox and engine arrangement more soft and smooth.
2.It can be matched with high-speed diesel engines at home and abroad, and can be arranged in vertical, horizontal and inclination according to the needs of users.
3.The gearbox have adapted to combined design, and all running parts have been carefully designed and machined to the highest standards for less wasted fuel, smooth operation which can be fitted to most engine models.

4. 1-stage deceleration, the input and output levels are off-center, and the running direction is the same. It has the functions of double input, single output and clutch deceleration.

5. Professional gearbox specialists and after-sales service, spare parts directly available from stock.

Advance Two Speed Gearbox Series

This list including all models of Advance Two Speed Gearbox Series.
Click here to find Advance marine gearbox by type (Reduction ratio & transfer capacity).

Advance SGW42.45 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:400-1600 r/min
Reduction Ratio:5.6 / 5.00
Trans.Capacity:1.103-1.243 kW/RPM
Power Range:2433-7705 kW

Advance SGWS60.66 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:400-1200 r/min
Reduction Ratio:2.00-3.95 / 1.61-3.59
Trans.Capacity:4.625 kW/RPM
Power Range:1850-5550 kW

Advance SGWS66.75 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:300-950 r/min
Reduction Ratio:1.97-3.95 / 1.57-3.61
Trans.Capacity:6.99 kW/RPM
Power Range:2097-6640.5 kW

Advance SGWS70.76 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:300-950 r/min
Reduction Ratio:1.94-3.95 / 1.57-3.59
Trans.Capacity:8.111 kW/RPM
Power Range:2433.3-7705.45 kW

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