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The new products of Hangzhou Advance Gear Group passed the appraisal

May 12, 2023 | Technical Articles | 0 comments

Four new products of Hangzhou Advance Gear Group passed the appraisal of new industrial products in Zhejiang Province

Entrusted by the Economic and Information Department of Zhejiang Province, Xiaoshan District Economic and Information Bureau organized the provincial industrial new product appraisal and acceptance meeting of Hangzhou Advance Gear Group.

The meeting invited experts from Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, China Jiliang University, Hangzhou Transportation Management and other units to conduct appraisal and acceptance of four new products of the company, including “SGW39.41 two-speed marine gearbox”, “GWC70.85A Marine Gearbox”, “PT220 Transmission System Assembly” and “High Reliability Pickup Square Baler Knotter”.

The company’s chief engineer Song Bin, director Weng Yanxiang of the technology center, deputy director Tong Yanhua, deputy director Dai Hu and other leaders, as well as the R&D supervisors of the four new products attended the appraisal meeting.

advance tec 2
advance 3

The appraisal expert group carefully listened to the research and development reports of the new product development supervisors, conducted strict data review and inquiry on the project research and development, demonstrated the key technologies and innovation points of the project, and unanimously agreed that all four new products of the company passed the appraisal and acceptance .

advance tec 4

The expert group spoke highly of the R&D technology level of the new products of Hangzhou Gear Group. Among the four new products, the key technologies of the two new products, “SGW39.41 Two-speed Marine Gearbox” and “PT220 Transmission System Assembly” have reached Advanced level of international similar products.

advance tec 5

The success of this new product appraisal meeting provides strong support for the promotion and application of new products in the later stage, and the improvement of popularity and market share.

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