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The Importance of Heat Treatment in Gear Processing

Jun 21, 2023 | Systematic Products | 0 comments

The basic gear processing method is gear processing. However, in addition to gear processing, there are other ways to make gears. According to different materials, their methods are also different. The quenching and tempering treatment of gears is mainly carried out after tooth processing. Perhaps, before the bevel gear is processed, the normalizing treatment to remove the internal pressure of the transmission gear blank is another matter. The teeth of the gear must have the strength to transmit a large force, the key is strength and elasticity.


In order to meet the requirements, materials can be selected according to their application purposes. In order to prevent gear damage, surface hardening can be carried out. In another production process, the surface processing of bevel gear processing and gear processing is indispensable. Put the parts of high carbon steel and carbon steel into the nitriding material, and maintain the temperature around the yield limit. The carbon element penetrates from the surface of the part. When it is heat-treated, only a part of the nitriding can be hardened, and the bevel gear can adjust the thickness of the hardened layer according to the length of the nitriding time.


Gear machining is done in a soft stage process where the challenge is often to obtain tight dimensional tolerances. Careful preparation for the hardening stage provides a relatively straightforward hard component turning operation followed by hard machining of the gear. In hard part turning, predictable machining and good surface finish are critical. All of this should be combined with cost-effective gear machining.


Due to electric vehicles, new transmission designs and the need to be flexible and efficient at the same time, the gear machining process will undergo major changes. The focus will move away from the usual conventional gear machines, and multi-tasking machining of gear/spline components will become the norm. Power skiving will be in focus as it replaces forming, broaching and spline rolling, and to some extent hobbing.


In the gear processing process, the position arrangement of the heat treatment process is very important, which directly affects the mechanical properties and machinability of the gear. Generally, two heat treatment processes are carried out in gear machining, namely blank heat treatment and tooth profile heat treatment.


Gear tooth end processing includes chamfering, chamfering, chamfering and deburring. The rounded and pointed gears are easy to enter the meshing state when shifting gears, reducing the impact phenomenon. Chamfering removes sharp corners and burrs from tooth ends. Rounding of the tooth ends with a finger milling cutter. When rounding, the milling cutter rotates at high speed and swings along the arc. After one tooth is processed, the workpiece moves away from the milling cutter, and after indexing, it quickly approaches the milling cutter to process the tooth end of the next tooth.


It is mainly to finish the heat-treated gear inner hole, end face, shaft outer diameter and other parts to improve the dimensional accuracy and reduce the shape and position tolerance. The pitch circle fixture is used for positioning and clamping in gear processing, which can effectively ensure the processing accuracy of the gear part and the installation datum, and obtain satisfactory product quality.

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