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The 50,000-ton dual-fuel oil tanker No. 2 was delivered and set sail

Nov 4, 2022 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

        On July 4, the 49,900-ton methanol dual-fuel chemical/product oil tanker No. 2 “STENA PRO MARINE” built by Guangzhou Shipyard International, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation, was delivered and set sail.

        On June 30, Zhou Xuhui, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Shipbuilding International, and the shipowner completed the “cloud signing” delivery of the ship. The vessel is the No. 2 vessel of the first methanol dual-fuel powered vessel in China, and is the second in a series of three methanol fuel tankers built for Cyprus-based shipowner Proman Stena Bulk. On June 17, Guangzhou Shipbuilding International successfully achieved “cloud delivery” of the first ship “Stena Pro Patria” built for Proman Stena; another ship will be delivered this year, and three other ships of the same design have been ordered. The successful delivery of No. 2 ship indicates that GSI has mastered the construction technology of methanol dual-fuel powered ships, and has formed the ability of continuous batch construction.       This type of ship is a methanol dual-fuel MR tanker independently developed and designed by Guangzhou Shipbuilding International. It is equipped with an advanced methanol dual-fuel drive system, which can be driven by four fuel modes: fuel oil, fuel hydrate, methanol and methanol hydrate. It is the first time in the field of ships. The application of the hydrate solution can control the combustion state to reduce exhaust emissions, which can reduce carbon e

missions by up to 75%, nitrogen emissions by 15%, and sulfur and particulate matter emissions by 99%. No need to install exhaust gas treatment systems to meet the highest level of IMO emissions Require. The ship has also deeply optimized the hull shape and is equipped with a variety of energy-saving devices, which can effectively improve the propulsion efficiency and achieve the purpose of saving energy.

         The ship fully learned from the experience of the first ship during the construction process. The project team brainstormed and communicated fully with the shipowner and classification society to optimize the sea trial procedure, greatly shorten the trial sea trial period, and continue to build methanol dual-fuel ships for the company. Laid a solid foundation.

         During the construction of the ship, the team participating in the construction actively practiced the spirit of “unity and struggle, cooperation is the priority” of the 80,000-ton semi-submersible ship. The painting team of the ship fully absorbs the painting experience of the first ship, organizes meetings every night, finds problems and solves them immediately, and closely follows the nodes to ensure that they do it right the first time. Passed, won the unanimous approval of ship owners and service providers, and also created favorable conditions for the production of the ship.

         The eve of the ship’s trial voyage coincided with the summer rainy season in Guangzhou, and the continuous rainy weather made it difficult to paint the main deck. The painting department organized and planned the labor force to make quality and technical disclosure in advance, and formulated a practical, reasonable and efficient painting construction plan, and completed all painting projects before the sea trial.

         In order to ensure the rapid delivery of the ship after the completion of the trial voyage, the construction team started the finishing work as soon as possible after the ship returned, checked the finishing tasks with the construction team one by one, and cooperated closely with the responsible departments such as materials and process technology, and clarified that “one time Yes, strictly in accordance with the principle of “closed loop verification time”, which has effectively promoted the completion of the closing tasks.

         The last hurdle before delivery is cleaning. The bottom layer of the ship’s engine room adopts a double-bottom structure design, with narrow space and many compartments, making it very difficult to clean. Satisfactory answers were handed in.

         In order to ensure the smooth realization of the ship delivery node, the team participating in the construction of the ship’s interior decoration, on the one hand, coordinated the labor force to carry out the cleaning of the upper-construction cabin and prepare for the handover of the room after the trial voyage back to the factory. On the other hand, organize the participating teams to check the closing issues one by one, clarify the responsibilities and closed-loop time, and actively coordinate the resources of all parties to ensure cooperation to ensure that the closing work is done at one time.


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