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The First Hybrid River Vessel Equipped with “Advance” Gearbox

Mar 10, 2023 | Products Tendency | 0 comments

Recently, the first domestic oil-gas-electric hybrid ship “New Yangtze 26007” equipped with Hang Gear’s “Advance” hybrid power input marine gearbox successfully completed its trial voyage. The successful trial voyage of this vessel provides a powerful reference for the LNG power transformation of inland river basin vessels, and also opens the prelude to the application of LNG clean energy in bulk carriers in China, which implements the “ecological priority and green development” and is of great significance to the ecological and environmental protection construction of Yangtze River.
“New Yangtze River 26007” is a typical model ship for building a green Yangtze River. Before the transformation, the ship used the traditional fuel oil main engine propulsion method; after the transformation, the ship became the first domestic green ship with LNG main engine power generation to provide green power and oil-electric hybrid power input.
The HC1200/1P gearbox is equipped with a complete series of hybrid gearboxes, covering the power range of 100-6500kW, and the main drive input and output of the HC1200/1P gearbox is vertically heterocentric, and the PTI input is arranged in angular heterocentric left and right machines, which has many advantages such as compact structure, high reliability, high mechanical efficiency, good economy and easy to use and maintain. The Hangtooth hybrid gearbox will be the preferred main propulsion transmission for the transformation of LNG clean energy bulk carriers.

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