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The East Asia Ocean Expo was Successfully Held

Jul 7, 2023 | Global Business Visiting | 0 comments

From June 28 to 30, 2023, the East Asia Ocean Expo hosted by China Shipbuilding Industry Association and Qingdao Huangdao Development (Group) Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Qingdao West Coast New District. Li Yanqing, secretary-general of China Shipbuilding Industry Association and chairman of the International Organization for Standardization Ship and Marine Technology Committee (ISO/TC8), was invited to participate in the International Marine Industry Integration Development Entrepreneur Forum and delivered a keynote speech. The “Sustainable Development Forum of the Ship and Offshore Industry” sponsored by the China Shipbuilding Industry Association was successfully held during the exhibition.

At the Entrepreneur Forum for International Marine Industry Integration and Development, Li Yanqing delivered a speech on the theme of “Strengthening Equipment Innovation Cooperation and Leading the Green and Intelligent Development of Shipping”. Li Yanqing said that at present, China’s shipbuilding industry has entered a new round of rapid development, and the global economic recovery lacks new kinetic energy. Green development is becoming a hard constraint and a new driving force for economic development. A new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is restructuring global innovation. territory. Marine environmental protection has become a core issue in the maritime community. The International Maritime Organization has issued a series of regulations and policies to control and restrict emissions from international shipping. Shipyards, equipment manufacturers, energy suppliers, cargo owners, ship owners, ship management companies, and ship classification Stakeholders such as shipping companies, ship registration agencies, and financial institutions should take active actions to meet challenges and promote the green transformation of shipping. The market demand potential for green marine equipment is huge, and the transformation of green power fuels will create huge market demand. Low-carbon, zero-carbon fuels and energy-saving technologies have considerable market potential at different stages. Chinese companies should seize market opportunities and provide solutions for different needs (new build, refit), different usage scenarios and stages (low-carbon, zero-carbon).

Li Yanqing pointed out that the key to intelligent shipping is that autonomous unmanned ships really enter the shipping stage. The high ground of competition for smart ships is to carry out a series of innovations around unmanned ships. Smart shipping is not only the intelligence of ships, but also the intelligence of ports, shipping management and shipping infrastructure.

Li Yanqing believes that driving the future development of shipping with system equipment innovation as the core is the key to meet the green and low-carbon revolution and the intelligent interconnection revolution. Typical application scenarios are implemented.

“In order to seize the commanding heights of international standards, cooperation in the industrial chain should also be strengthened.” Li Yanqing emphasized that the six-in-one industrial chain, including ship service, customs business, port business, waterway and port liaison, ship management business, and maritime communication, should be expanded and extended, and actively participate in The rule formulation under the application of maritime green technology adopts the strategy of operation, technology and market to seize the market. “If you can’t make a difference in the international standardization of intelligent shipping represented by autonomous ships, it will be difficult to obtain better development conditions in the international competition of this new technology and new industry.”

The “Sustainable Development Forum of Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering Industry” is sponsored by China Shipbuilding Industry Association and Shanghai Futures Exchange, co-organized by Shandong Shipbuilding Industry Association, China Statistical Society Marine Statistics Branch, China Pacific Society Ocean Economics Branch, Qingdao East Asia International Expo Co., Ltd. Undertaken by the company, Tan Naifen, deputy secretary-general of China Shipbuilding Industry Association, presided over the forum, and Su Bo, deputy secretary-general of Shandong Shipbuilding Association, attended the forum and delivered a speech. More than 100 representatives from key enterprises in the industry attended the meeting.

Meeting venue

Su Bo expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the delegates. In his speech, he said that in recent years, Shandong Province, on the one hand, has accelerated the building of a national marine strategic scientific and technological force, actively carried out technological breakthroughs in the modern marine industry, and built an innovation platform. Some areas have achieved a leap from “following” to “leading”. The construction of a strong marine province is inseparable from exchanges and cooperation. The Shandong Shipping Association will further strengthen cooperation with all parties, exchange experience, share wisdom, stimulate innovation, and strive to become an important force in promoting the construction of a strong marine province in Shandong. Contribute to greater and stronger sustainable development.

Su Bo

At present, sustainable development has become an important topic of global economic development. Sustainable development is not only a responsibility, but also an opportunity. The participants said that the shipbuilding and offshore industry needs to join hands with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain to take the road of innovation. By discussing the solutions for technological innovation and green environmental protection of ships and offshore engineering equipment, the Forum on the Sustainable Development of the Shipbuilding and Offshore Industry will be powerful. Promote the scientific and technological progress, transformation and upgrading of my country’s marine engineering industry, assist the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the marine engineering industry.

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