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The Construction of Key Industry Projects is “Steamy”

Feb 28, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

Project construction is a “strong engine” and “hard support” to promote the high-quality development of the petroleum and chemical industry. Just after the Spring Festival, there has been an upsurge in project construction in various places. A number of key chemical-related projects are being actively promoted to help improve the quality and upgrading of the industry.

Hunan: Construction of one million tons of ethylene refining and chemical integration project accelerated

On February 18, in Yunxi District, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, more than 50 excavators were installed at the construction site of Sinopec Hunan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hunan Petrochemical”) with an annual output of 1 million tons of ethylene refining and chemical integration and refining supporting transformation projects. The machine arm is raised high and working intensively, and more than 100 transport vehicles shuttle back and forth to transfer earth and stone. Next to it, more than 1,500 acres of flat land has reached delivery standards and is just waiting for foundation work equipment to arrive.

Construction is in full swing outdoors and busy indoors. In the Hunan Petrochemical office building, most of the office is filled with thick stacks of information. “Seven design units and hundreds of designers are working hard to implement the overall design of the project.” said Chen Zhengchao, head of the ethylene division of the Hunan Petrochemical Ethylene Refining Integrated Project Management Department.


Henan: The million-ton ethylene project is advancing steadily

Just after the Spring Festival, Luoyang Petrochemical’s million-ton ethylene project department is stepping up its progress. Since the official start of construction in May last year, the project has been steadily progressing in accordance with the timetable, driven by the joint efforts of enterprises and local governments.

The project, with a total investment of 27.8 billion yuan, requires the construction of 13 production units including 1 million tons/year ethylene. In October last year, Luoyang’s first batch of million-ton ethylene industrial chain projects started intensively. According to the project progress plan, the EPC unit will be urged to complete the bidding for the Da’an Line relocation construction in March this year. The 110kV Da’an Line relocation site leveling and engineering survey will be completed in the first quarter; the temporary drainage construction of the ethylene plant site will be completed in the second quarter, and we will strive to start temporary facilities. In the third quarter, the relocation construction of the Da’an line was completed, and the preliminary ground demolition of the refining supporting project was started. In the fourth quarter, all foundation treatment construction, engineering inspection, 5G tower and smart site supporting civil construction of the ethylene plant were completed, and we strive to start the first-level ground construction of the plant area. Pipe, ring road, water frontage and pile foundation construction.

Jilin: Refining and chemical transformation and upgrading project outperforms plan

With only two days off on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the west area project of Jilin Petrochemical’s refining and chemical transformation and upgrading project took the lead in resuming normal construction. As of February 21, 25 of the 28 newly built, renovated (and expanded) main units of Jilin Petrochemical’s refining and chemical industry have been transformed and upgraded, with the operating rate reaching 89%. Equipment installation is being carried out in an orderly manner, and the construction speed is “running ahead” of the planned progress.

This is the first petrochemical project approved since the country’s “14th Five-Year Plan”. It is also a key project for Jilin Province and PetroChina to promote new industrialization and promote high-end, intelligent and green development of manufacturing. It has a total of 28 new, renovated (and expanded) main devices. It is expected that most of the devices will be handed over by the end of 2024 and put into operation in 2025. By then, a number of world-scale installations will rise from the ground.

In order to ensure that the transformation and upgrading project reaches production and benefits as soon as possible, Jilin Petrochemical combines the actual situation on site and construction progress to scientifically and reasonably arrange the project construction plan during the Spring Festival. After the West District project took the lead in resuming normal construction, the East District and Central District projects resumed construction from February 14th to 15th. At present, 188 construction plans for the transformation and upgrading project during the Spring Festival in 2024 have been fully resumed.

Shandong: Caprolactam integrated project pledged to mobilize

On February 19, Lunan Chemical Industry held a mobilization meeting in the 10th conference room for the “Decisive Battle for Commissioning and Commissioning” of the Caprolactam Industry Chain Supporting Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Integrated Engineering Project, calling on all cadres and employees to go all out to win the battle for project commissioning and commissioning.

The commissioning task is heavy, the node plan is arranged on a daily basis, and the project team turns pressure into motivation. It organizes commissioning during the day and discusses technical difficulties at night. Everyone has persisted in the working mode from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for more than a month.

“Because it is the first pulverized coal furnace, the best matching relationship data of some important operating indicators need to be continuously explored during the commissioning process. We must proceed steadily, and the operation of each unit must ensure safety, proficiency, controllability, and integration. The successful start-up of the gasification project has laid a solid foundation for gasification.” said Lu Guangbin, director of the gasification workshop.

Shanghai: Press the “fast forward” button for syngas supply and supporting projects

As one of Shanghai’s major engineering projects, Huayi’s synthetic gas supply and supporting projects – a new 800,000 tons/year acetic acid unit and a 300,000 tons/year ammonia synthesis unit, carry the transformation and development of Huayi Wujing Base “Establish first and then break” important task.

“The Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon has just passed, and the project construction has pressed the ‘fast forward button’. Up to now, the first-level road at the project site has been completed, the foundation short column pouring of major equipment such as ester acid, POX, etc. has been basically completed, and the air separation, main transformer, etc. Auxiliary devices are also advanced according to nodes.” said the relevant person in charge of Shanghai Huayi Energy New Materials Company.

Fujian: Main body of Sino-Saudi Gulei Ethylene Project starts

From February 18th to 19th, Fujian Zhongsha Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (Fujian Zhongsha), a joint venture between Fujian Energy and Petrochemical Group and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), held a comprehensive start-up event for the main project of the Zhongsha Gulei Ethylene Project in Fujian. A series of agreement signing ceremonies opened a new chapter in Fujian Zhongsha.

The total investment in this project is approximately 44.8 billion yuan. The final investment decision of SABIC was announced in January this year. It is an important node in the road of promoting win-win cross-regional cooperation between Fujian Energy and Petrochemical Group and SABIC. The project is expected to be completed in 2026, when the annual ethylene production capacity will reach up to 1.8 million tons, which can meet the market and customer demand for high-end chemical products.

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