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The China-Russia Robot Industry Exchange and Matchmaking Meeting was Held in Beijing

Aug 23, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

On August 16, the Sino-Russian Robotics Industry Exchange and Matchmaking Meeting jointly organized by the China Machinery Industry Federation Robotics Branch (China Robotics Industry Alliance) and the Russian Robotics Association was held in the Robot Industry Park of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Song Xiaogang, Secretary-General of China Machinery Federation (Executive Chairman of China Robot Industry Alliance), and Alyssa, Director of Russian Robotics Association attended the meeting and delivered speeches. More than 50 people from nearly 30 companies including China Robot Industry Alliance and Russian Robotics Association attended the meeting.

The China-Russia Robot Industry Exchange and Matchmaking Meeting 1

Secretary-General Song Xiaogang said that in recent years, the global and Chinese robotics industries have maintained rapid development even under the impact of the epidemic. In 2021, the global sales of industrial robots will hit a record high, with a year-on-year increase of 33.7%. The sales of China’s industrial robot market will increase by 55% year-on-year, surpassing half of the global market for the first time. China has the largest manufacturing and service industries in the world. As the manufacturing and service industries enter a new era of robot automation and intelligence, it will bring more and more market opportunities to the robot industry. Russia is also facing robot automation and intelligence. needs. Founded in 2013, the China Robot Industry Alliance currently has more than 530 members and has a good foundation for cooperation with the Russian Robotics Association. It is hoped that China and Russia will continue to maintain communication and exchanges, and jointly promote the development and practical cooperation of the robot industry between China and Russia.

Ms. Alyssa said that this meeting has built an effective platform for communication and negotiation between Chinese and Russian robot companies. The development of China’s robot industry is changing with each passing day. Chinese companies have become the main partners of Russia’s robot industry. The two sides have strong cooperation potential in the field of robot industry. It is hoped that the two sides will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation.

AUBO (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Efort Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Siasun Robot Automation Co., Ltd. and other 7 Chinese companies, Sberbank Robotics Laboratory, National Science Center Robotics and Technology Cybernetics Research Representatives of 9 Russian companies, including the Institute and ROBONEST Robot Academy Co., Ltd., made speeches and exchanges at the meeting around the development history, product and technical characteristics, and cooperation needs of their respective companies. During the meeting, the participating enterprises of both sides also conducted in-depth communication with each other, and visited and inspected the Robot Industrial Park of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Gao Lihong, Director of the International Cooperation Department of the China Federation of Machinery, Yang Weijie, Deputy Director of the Robot Work Department (Deputy Secretary-General of the China Robot Industry Alliance), Chen Dan, Director of the Industry Research Division of the Machinery Industry Information Center (Deputy Secretary-General of the China Robot Industry Alliance), and China Machinery Federation Relevant personnel from the International Cooperation Department and the Robot Work Department attended the meeting.

The China-Russia Robot Industry Exchange and Matchmaking Meeting 2
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