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Technological Innovation Has Decome the “Lifeline” of Advance

Jun 7, 2022 | Industrial Trend | 0 comments

In June last year, the first domestic oil-gas-electric hybrid “New Changjiang 26007” equipped with Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., hybrid input marine gearbox successfully completed its trial voyage; The ship’s main propulsion system for environmental monitoring won the special prize for technological innovation at the China Machinery General Parts Industry Association; in September last year, Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., independently developed the first set of domestic largest specification GW series marine gearboxes…

 Just after its 60th birthday, Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., is still exporting Hangzhou power to China’s manufacturing industry. “Under the persistence and innovation of three generations of Hangji people, Advance, as a national brand, has continuously accelerated the substitution of localization, from marine gearboxes to today’s ten major categories of products involving transmission devices such as construction machinery, wind power generation, and agricultural machinery.” According to Yang Shuiyu, chairman and general manager of Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co.,, among domestic counterparts, Advance marine gearboxes have the most complete varieties, the largest specifications, and the highest market share. Construction machinery gearboxes are the largest independent supplier in China, and wind power speed increase boxes are the largest independent suppliers in China. It has achieved a stable supply and demand relationship with major domestic OEMs, and other agricultural machinery, rail transit and other products are also making continuous efforts.

 At the very beginning, Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., was a self-made man in the true sense. In 1960, in order to fill the gap in the national equipment manufacturing industry, the first enterprise in the country to produce marine gearboxes – Hangzhou Gearbox Factory was established. “At that time, foreign countries were (in) technical blockade, and we had a blank in marine gearbox (technology).” According to the old employees, the technicians at that time, with their own efforts, finally produced the first marine gearbox in China. The history of China’s inability to produce marine gearboxes.

 Technological innovation is the “lifeline” of Hangzhou Advance. From Hangzhou Gearbox Factory to Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd., the company is growing, but its dedication to technological innovation has never changed.

 At present, Hangzhou Advance Gearbox has established R&D and testing strengths such as the National Technology Center, the National Enterprise Post-doctoral Research Station, and the National Fishing Marine Gearbox Testing Center. It has presided over the drafting and revision of 32 national and industry standards, and has 318 national valid patents, including 318 national patents. With 41 invention patents, the technology level and R&D capability are in a leading position in the industry. This is also the confidence that Hangzhou Advance has won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award twice in recent years, and participated in the tackling and construction of national key projects.

As the first batch of national manufacturing single champions and the national key backbone enterprises of gear transmission, Hangzhou Advance Gearbox has now formed a complete core technology in the field of gear transmission with independent intellectual property rights, standing at the forefront of the industry with “Made in Hangzhou” . At the same time, the surroundings of Hangzhou Advance Gearbox have driven many upstream and downstream industries in the industrial chain. At present, Advance has more than 200 supporting enterprises in Hangzhou area, among which there are 6 enterprises with an output value of over 100 million yuan, most of which are pure “Hangzhou series”.

 Under the guidance of Hangzhou’s “New Manufacturing Plan”, Hangzhou Advance marine Gearbox has continuously increased investment in R&D and accelerated the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. By undertaking and participating in a number of key projects such as “Key Technology Research and Demonstration Application of Gearboxes for High-Reliability Nuclear Power Circulating Pumps” in the National Key R&D Program “Manufacturing Basic Technology and Key Components”, as well as cooperation with Zhejiang University, Jilin University and other domestic key institutes The school has carried out cooperation in production, learning and research projects, and Hangzhou Advance marine Gearbox has overcome basic scientific research problems such as gear transmission materials and testing in China. Among them, many products such as high-power construction machinery automatic gearboxes used in port machinery, tidal power generation gearboxes used in tidal power plants, and drum net reduction gearboxes used in nuclear power plants have filled the domestic gap and become the substitutes for imports to break foreign monopoly. High-tech new products.

 “Combining with the national industrial development orientation, Hangzhou Advance marine Gearbox will aim to build a high-end equipment manufacturing industry, stick to the main business of transmission devices, develop towards intelligent, green and service-oriented products, and seize strategic opportunities to accelerate the formation of ‘internal and external dual circulation’ Yang Shuiyu said that in the future, Hangzhou Advance marine Gearbox will also focus on product research and development in key areas of high-end equipment manufacturing such as high-power automatic control and intelligent transmission. At present, some products have passed the provincial new industrial product appraisal and are undergoing industrial expansion.

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