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Six Aspects of Diesel Generator Set Market Development Can’t be Ingnored

Jul 1, 2021 | Business Fraud Case | 0 comments

First, the constraint of price and export order.
Our province’s diesel generator sets has exerted an impact on exports of some enterprises due to technical factors, as well as rising price of raw material and transportation. Price competition is rather fierce among export companies, with lots of phenomenon of competing to give lower prices.

Second, the constraint of foreign certification requirements
For example, exports to the EU countries must be approved by CE product safety certification; diesel generator sets exported to US must be approved by the US EPA emission certification ,and some importers of the United States also require the products to obtain UL product safety certification ; India also has implemented certification system of emission and safety on imported diesel generator sets ; Vietnam sets forth regulations about limitations of the whole machine of single-cylinder diesel generator set import; Nigeria requires conformity assessment of SONCAP .

Third, the constraint of technical requirements of the foreign market
Our province mostly exports single-cylinder diesel generator set, and the requirements of foreign market for single-cylinder diesel generator set continue to increase in terms of the requirements of economical and power efficiency, as well as product life and reliability. For example , American and European developed countries require more on vibration and noise; Africa and the Middle East has put forward the demand of anti-aging and anti-moist and anti-heat for the cooling system of a single-cylinder diesel engine generator set; and low-temperature regions have higher requirements of starting performance and so on. In addition, because of rising oil prices, low fuel consumption has also been mentioned by the majority of customers.

Fourth, Limited intellectual property rights protection
Single-cylinder diesel engine generator sets of our province are more than a reference to the model of Japan and Germany, from OEM at the beginning to own gradual independent brand at present, but the famous export brand are still not much.

Fifth, Limited information of supply and demand
The major market of exporting diesel engine generator set in our province, like the market of Asia and Africa have already presented saturation trend. But because our province does not know about other markets, the pioneering speed towards the South American of most developing countries is slow.

Sixth, The constraint from lack of after-sale service
The domestic enterprises usually offer no after-sale service to exports due to small profit space for low product price, only offering a certain amount of parts, nearly carrying out no technology training work to the users.

Therefore, domestic manufacturing companies of diesel engine generator sets should have a thorough understanding about overseas technology barrier, set the product certification system with international standards; further improve the level of product development and manufacturing to fit in the requests of different areas and different users; strengthen the industry’s self-discipline, cracking down on fake and inferior products, drawing up the reasonable export price, effectively develop the power of the industry or organization of diesel generator set ,collectively pioneering brands.


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