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Series of 22,000 Cubic Meters Ethylene Carriers Successfully Closed

Jan 13, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Recently, two LEGCs built for Petredec by CSSC’s Jiangnan Shipbuilding have left the yard one after another, and the delivery dates of both vessels are earlier than planned. So far, all 4 vessels of the full series of 22000m3 ethylene carriers built for Petredec have been delivered.

Ship Profile:

The vessel is 159.9 meters long, 25.6 meters wide and 16.5 meters deep, with three C-type amphibious tanks with a design temperature of -104℃. “Camel 22E” is the optimized and upgraded version of Jiangnan Shipbuilding’s famous brand “Lusitano” series. Compared with the original model, “Camel 22E” has one less liquid tank but 1,000 cubic meters more cargo capacity, and the fuel consumption is greatly reduced while the design speed remains unchanged.

Camel 22E_11zon

Twin Ship Construction Highlights

Highlight One:

During the overall construction process, the series of vessels adhered to the construction management concepts of “white-collar cabin”, “hotel construction” and “perfect deck”, not only achieving “white-collar cabin” at the time of delivery, but also constantly aiming at “white-collar cabin” during the overall construction process. In addition to the “white-collar cabin”, the overall construction process has continued to aim at “white-collar cabin”, providing a good environment for the production line workers and shipowners’ ship inspection and inspection, and truly improving the production efficiency and inspection efficiency.

Camel 22E-1_11zon

Highlight Two:

Continuing the record of the former ship, both ships reached the “three zeroes” in the docking stage, i.e. zero comments, zero change orders and zero docking projects.

Highlight Three:

Curing the standard construction cycle, the twin ships further improve the accuracy of the full width deck general section carrying, gradually improve at least the amount of balance trimming from the original large amount of carrying balance trimming, and achieve the double improvement of construction cycle and quality by completing full width deck lifting in 12 days, outer plate painting in 8 days, and shortening the overall construction cycle by 5 days. It is worth mentioning that the dock construction cycle of the last vessel of the series reached 2.5 months, which is 1.5 months shorter than the previous vessel of the same series, and the efficiency is improved by 60%.

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