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Advance GWC Series Marine Gearbox

The input speed range of the Advance GWC Series marine gearbox is 200-2000 RPM, with engine input power is 290-70000 kW at 200-2000 RPM. The reduction ratio range is 1.97-7.49 and transfer capacity range is 35-0.29 kW/RPM.

Advance GWC series marine gearbox is composed of Input coupling, cooler, output coupling, Controller, oil filter, oil pressure gauge and other important components. Advance GWC series marine gearbox controller can be selected pneumatical or electrical operation with manual emergency control device.  Advance GWC series marine gearbox are tow stage deceleration, the input and output are concentric, the running direction is the same, and it has the function of reverse clutch deceleration

All of our Advance gearboxes are approved by CCS, and we are able to provide BV LR ABS DNV&GL RS and other classification societies based on customer requirement with extra cost.

As an official marine power pack packager of Advance, SeaMac provide complete propulsion system and power system for all kinds of ships all around the world. Mainly including marine engine, gearbox, shaft, propeller, marine genset, electric control lever system and other marine accessories. We also provide full life cycle services for all our customers, from design to power system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from trouble shooting to overhaul technical support.

Advantages of Advance GWC Series Marine Gearbox

1. Gearbox novel structure, so that its use becomes very reliable. The excellent design makes the gearbox and engine arrangement more soft and smooth.
2. Small size, light weight and good operability. The convenience of use and maintenance is fully considered in the design.
3. With excellent machine performance, good design effectively reduce the noise, reduce the vibration.
4. The gearbox have adapted to combined design, and all running parts have been carefully designed and machined to the highest standards for less wasted fuel, smooth operation which can be fitted to most engine models.

5. Professional gearbox specialists and after-sales service, spare parts directly available from stock.

Advance GWC Series Marine Gearbox

This is a list of all of Advance GWC series marine gearbox.
Click here to find Advance marine gearbox by type (Reduction ratio & transfer capacity).

Advance GWC52.62 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:400-1200 r/min
Reduction Ratio:2.02-5.95
Trans.Capacity:7.756-2.631 kW/rpm
Power Range:1052.4-9307.2 kw

Advance GWC52.59 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:400-1200 r/min
Reduction Ratio:1.93-5.93
Trans.Capacity:7.438-2.426 kW/rpm
Power Range:970.4-8925.6 kw

Advance GWC49.54 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:400-1400 r/min
Reduction Ratio:1.94-6.00
Trans.Capacity:5.5-1.861 kW/rpm
Power Range:744.4-7700 kw

Advance GWC45.52 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:400-1400 r/min
Reduction Ratio:1.97-6.04
Trans.Capacity:4.648-1.51 kW/rpm
Power Range:604-6507.2 kw

Advance GWC45.49 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:400-1600 r/min
Reduction Ratio:1.97-5.98
Trans.Capacity:4.24-1.398 kW/rpm
Power Range:559.2-6784 kw

Advance GWC42.45 Marine Gearbox

Input Speed Range:400-1600 r/min
Reduction Ratio:2.00-5.93
Trans.Capacity:3.28-1.106 kW/rpm
Power Range:442.4-5248 kw

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