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HCAM303 Tilting Lightweight High Speed Gearbox Successfully Developed

Mar 17, 2023 | Standard Products | 0 comments


The HCAM303 type marine gearbox designed by the Ship Research Institute of Technology Center and tested by the Testing Institute passed the factory test successfully on March 16 and was sent to the shipyard by special truck that night. and sent to the shipyard in the evening.
HCAM303 type gearbox is another light and high speed gearbox elaborately developed by the company. According to a large number of relevant design inputs collected from visits to major shipyards in the year before, Ship Research Institute gave full play to its attacking power and completed the product development in one month. This type of gear box adopts aluminum alloy case, new paper-based friction plate and internal support structure design, inclined gear transmission form, with compact structure and small volume.
In the previous period, due to the epidemic, the product development, assembly and testing process were affected to different degrees, and faced various difficulties such as delayed return to work after the year, tight work on epidemic prevention and control, and delayed parts delivery cycle. The design, process and trial production staff worked around the clock, working overtime to catch up with the schedule, and coordinated arrangements to promote the schedule; facing some technical difficulties in the assembly and testing process, experts in various fields worked together and were on site from the beginning to the end to solve them in a timely manner, and the master workers were also working hard and meticulously to repeatedly debug the performance of the gearbox …… after After more than 10 days of fierce battle in the assembly test, finally completed the factory delivery as scheduled.
The successful operation of the factory test of this product has far-reaching significance for Hangteeth to enter the high-speed boat market more deeply and widely, to replace the products of international famous brands, and to develop a wider business field; the delivery on schedule under the difficulties of epidemic also reflects the quality and efficiency of “Hangteeth manufacturing”, which has enhanced the confidence of the enterprise to win the war against “epidemic”. The timely delivery under the difficulties of the epidemic also reflects the quality and efficiency of “Made by Hangteeth”, and enhances the confidence of the enterprise to win the battle against the epidemic.


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