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Guarantee Production, Hangzhou Advance is in Action!

Jun 7, 2022 | Operation and Maintenance | 0 comments

Since August, the weather has continued to be hot, and the scorching sun has scorched everything, and it has also “baked” to test the endurance of every worker. After the first half of the struggle, all employees of Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Co., LTD achieved the goal of “more than half of the time and more than half of the task”. After entering the second half of the year, everyone rushed to the goal of completing the annual economic indicators.

 The temperature in the heat treatment workshop reaches 50 degrees, and they operate production in strict accordance with the procedures and plans under the heat wave. To prevent burns, also wear thick, long-sleeved factory clothes. We applaud the thermal processing staff and all front-line employees who stick to the highest temperature!

For front-line employees, “gradient-colored work clothes” are standard, but they don’t care about sweaty clothes, just to complete the heavy production tasks with quality and quantity.

 The blanks are neatly arranged, waiting for the next process, everyone is focused on the work at hand, and no one is slack because of the heat.

 In the scorching sun, the circuit maintenance team of the equipment factory climbed up and down to repair and maintain the circuit. This summer, they not only successfully repaired three hidden circuit safety hazards within 1 hour and 20 minutes, avoiding the occurrence of major safety accidents, but also insisted on daily maintenance. Even at noon, in order to guarantee the power of the whole company, he climbed up the circuit equipment for maintenance under the most poisonous scorching sun. Let us applaud these maintenance team members who ensure the normal production and life of the whole company!

There are also those after-sales service personnel and sales personnel who are on the go. They either rush ahead, work overtime to eliminate hidden dangers of gearboxes for users, or work tirelessly to develop and maintain customer relationships. We applaud them too!

 Of course, there are also many employees in functional departments. They are also serving the front line in various ways in the hot summer. Distribute drinks, fruits, soup for relieving summer heat, place ice cubes, send coolness, promote security, work together to fight high temperature and ensure production. Let’s give them a thumbs up! Leaders at all levels also went to Hangzhou for high-temperature condolences.

 I believe that with the joint efforts of the whole company, Ensure the normal operation of production and operation, and complete the annual economic indicators.


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