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Good News from Guangzhou Longxue Shipbuilding!

Feb 4, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

The First Ship of Long Xuan Shipbuilding Base was Delivered 71 Days Ahead of Schedule

85,000 tons bulk carrier SEACON NOLA

      On February 1, the first 85,000-ton bulk carrier “SEACON NOLA” built by Huangpu Wenchong for Intercontinental Shipping was successfully delivered. This is the third bulk carrier of the same series delivered by the company and the first ship product delivered by Long Xuan Shipbuilding Base in the Year of the Rabbit.
      The ship is 228.9m long, 36m wide, 20.15m deep, 11.8m design draft, 14m structural draft, and 85,000t structural draft capacity.
The “Sea Whale” series 85,000-ton bulk carrier is the first bulk carrier designed and ordered by Huangpu Wenchong, and is also the largest bulk carrier independently developed in Guangdong Province. It meets the new Panama Canal rules, the latest emission requirements for nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides, the latest specifications for vibration and noise, and the requirements of green environmental protection standards and classification society specifications. This type of vessel also applies advanced shipbuilding technologies such as intelligent welding robots, digital dock, and simulated piggybacking during the construction process.
      Huangpu Wenchong has undertaken a total of 10 vessels of this type, and the construction quality of the two previously delivered vessels of the same type has been highly recognized by the shipowners. The construction team of “SEACON NOLA” summarized the experience of the same type of ship construction, strictly grasped the implementation of the plan, reasonably divided the work surface, and deepened the quality and efficiency improvement by cross operation mode, and achieved the key nodes such as docking and sea trial as scheduled, and the total construction period was 11 and a half months, which was delivered 71 days earlier than planned.

New generation of LNG dual-fuel LR II vessels with nearly “zero” modification of hull design class instruction sheets

      On January 30, HAFNIA LANGUEDOC, a 110,000-ton LNG dual-fuel crude oil/products tanker No.1 built by GSIC and jointly invested by CSBC Leasing and Hafnia, was officially named.
      This vessel adopts the new generation of LNG dual-fuel LRⅡ vessel design independently designed and developed by GSIC, with “green and environmental protection” as the guideline and following the design, production and construction concept of “high efficiency, environmental protection and safety”, which is the latest energy-saving and environmental protection vessel developed and designed by GSIC according to the needs of charterers, shipowners, shipping routes and the market. It is the latest energy-saving and environment-friendly ship type developed and designed by GSIC according to the needs of charterers, shipowners, shipping routes and the market, combining GSIC’s years of accumulated experience in tanker design and construction and the cutting-edge technology in the field of green environment protection. After delivery, the vessel will be used by the global oil and gas industry giant Total Energy France.
      It is especially worth mentioning that this vessel is the first LNG high-pressure dual-fuel green vessel that GSI has undertaken the detailed design independently. In the design process of this vessel, GFSI fully learnt from past experience, and achieved close to “zero” modification of hull design instructions by deepening the application of integrated management system and close cooperation and coordination with shipowners and ship inspection.

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