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EMAC Customer Interview-Thailand Engineering Company

Jul 3, 2024 | Customer Review | 0 comments

EMAC Customer Interview In Thailand

Company Profile

EMAC’s customer interview video of 2023, EMAC finished a series of customer interview with 10 different business partners from different countries and regions, most of videos are took at customer’s company and factory, collecting all reviews and evaluations of EMAC, covering different industries in different country and regions, we believe this series of EMAC customer interview videos can help all of other customers get to know more about EMAC, our true customer interview case can greatly help customers relieve their worries, and build their confidence to cooperate with EMAC.
A Promise is A Promise, EMAC always do what we say, and for customer’s feedback, also 100% original from clients’s real words. EMAC, a Chinese company that you can trust !

Customer Company

Information Introduction

On April 23, 2023, We are honored to visit customert’s company and discussed new projects, and we will continue to cooperate in depth.
The customer’s company is in Thailand.The company is engaged in the business of power systems and irrigation systems. And it has distributed the following products: Flood gate irrigation systems Water control equipment Electrical control equipment includes installation services. The installation of high and low voltage electrical systems, including the distribution of spare parts and equipment associated with such systems.

The two main characters we interviewed are the engineering general manager and engineer of this company.

Let’s listen to their story with EMAC:
0:40 Introduction
1:10 Supply Chain System
2:38 Cooperation with EMAC
3:49 Cooperation Prospect
4:53 PCMT Plan
5:59 Ending

Company Introduction

Q1 :  Can you introduce about yourself and your company?
We are mostly actually we start from the water gate produced and then we are developed our market section to the pump section,and then construction and so on we want to do more.

Supply Chain System

Q2 :  Where do you source your materials?
Mostly of China.
The brand in European but as i saw most of product from China port and maybe some model of pump from Italy, Greece and Poland, pump from Poland.Our factory made the gate from the steel and the column pipe to install with the pump. We import the pump and import genset and engine, that’s our product our import .
Q3 : Where do you find your suppliers?
Sometimes we use internet .
We mostly search on the internet And try to find reliable supplier, But we are not sure its true or false. I Never say it’s sure.
Q4 :  When did you start your business with Chinese supplier ?
Almost ten years.
Q5 :  What’s the general experience of dealing with Chinese suppliers?
That comment general experience I think is good with the price with the transportation is faster than European.
Because last time I ordered to pump from Poland.It take three months,I had to change the transport to airfreight , it make the cost expensive.

Cooperation with EMAC

Q6 :  When do you start your business with EMAC Group?
Almost ten year.
I have a project with government,we have to use the engine because I have pump already now, we have find the engine to connect it.He suggests Cummins engine to me and that’s why I know EMAC from him (another company from Thailand).
Q7 :  What products you using from EMAC?
First time engine and after that is the power pack, engine with the best and tank, fuel tank And that project we have to use pump. The pump is from European that’s why we have to brought from you as power pack.
Q8 :  What’s the major reasons to work with EMAC?
As I used your product, you really really support to me, about the technical and about the document and solve the problem when I use your engine.

Cooperation Prospect

Q9 :  Are you willing to introduce EMAC to your friends or partners?
You are reliable supplier,like she say you are very supportive even the technical term and the documents and everything.So it’s very good to working with EMAC.I will introduce your company EMAC to my partner. Because I think when I give the gift,I will give the best gift to my friend and my partner .And you’re the best!
Q10 :  What’s your expectation of future cooperation with EMAC?
If we can expand our business together,it is the very good as you said win-win.I hope we have a success about the idea in the future project,as we have the idea now and I will let you know about the information again,when we have a conclusion already.


Q11 :  Do you know what additional services that EMAC can provide?
Yes.You are providing the marketing service.if we want to use it now or in the future,we will think of you first.We choose the option one,just video from you.Because now when we have team to support about the marketing.We will asking about your training then.
Q12 :  What’s do you want to tell EMAC’s potential customers?
Just like when you have a friend,you wanna give them a gift,you wanna give them the best. If we have the customer,we want to give them the best.And we have to suggest them in the business about the gen,about the pump,about everything we will think about you.Because you are the best we have and we suggestion.

EMAC Customer Interview In Thailand09
EMAC Customer Interview 2024 10
EMAC Customer Interview 2024 11

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