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CSSC Break Through the “neck” Problem, Fill the Gap Again!

Feb 4, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments


Autonomous protection of offshore power equipment technology iteration upgrade

Recently, the heavy oil to crude oil conversion project of CNOOC’s FSO (offshore floating storage and offloading unit) No. 121, undertaken by China Shipbuilding Group No. 71, has achieved 8,000 hours of trouble-free operation in Lufeng oil field operation area.

After dismantling and evaluating, the operating parameters reached the design index and the main parts were in good condition, which made the project a complete success. This marks the success of 71I in overcoming a number of key technologies such as abnormal wear technology of key engine parts, crude oil switching viscosity temperature control technology, oil adaptability transformation technology, etc., breaking through the “neck” problem of crude oil engine which has been monopolized by foreign enterprises for a long time, and making positive contribution to the iterative upgrading of offshore power equipment technology.

This is the second time this ship has filled the gap!

It is estimated that the main generator set can save about 18 million yuan of fuel cost per year, and the crude oil engine modification technology can be directly applied to the same type of generator set, with full independent intellectual property rights.

Crude oil engine is a niche product in the field of offshore, and most of the engines previously came from well-known foreign companies. Due to the high technical threshold and strict industry barriers, China has always been in the blank in this technology field.


“Previously, the vessel used heavy oil generator sets, which not only required high fuel costs, but also posed a major safety hazard for offshore fuel replenishment. The direct burning of self-produced crude oil from the Lufeng operation area has always been an urgent need on the part of CNOOC.


The project team finally came up with a technical solution for the transformation of crude oil engines, which was highly affirmed by the customer after several on-site field research and many rounds of technical solution discussions. Subsequently, using the time window of the docking period of OOCL 121, both sides cooperated fully and completed the technical upgrade of three generator sets on schedule, and successfully realized the orderly switch from heavy oil to crude oil.

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