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Company Introduction:Shanghai Fleetguard Filter Co., Ltd.

Mar 14, 2022 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Shanghai Fleetguard Filter Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 as a joint venture by Dongfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. with an investment of 18.26 million US dollars. The company is located in the ever-changing Pudong New Area, with a factory building area of 14,300 square meters and a total of nearly 700 employees.

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Shanghai Fleetguard Filter Co., Ltd. is one of the filter manufacturers in China. It is a filter manufacturer that provides users with the final solution of the filter system. Specializing in the production of filter products for vehicles and engines, it is one of the earliest filter manufacturers in China that has obtained international quality certification. Obtained TS16949 (version 2002) quality certification in October 2003, obtained TS16949 (version 2009) quality certification in January 2010, and obtained IATF16949:2016 quality certification in July 2018. At the same time, Shanghai Fleetguard attaches great importance to production health, safety, environment and energy, establishes and implements occupational health, safety, environment and energy management system standards, and obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certificate in December 2004 and June 2009. OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, in December 2016 obtained ISO50001 energy management system certification.

In order to meet the growing market demand, Shanghai Fleetguard Filter Co., Ltd. established the second factory in Wuhan to serve our customers with stronger production capacity and better products. With the completion of the Wuhan factory, Shanghai Fleetguard will further consolidate its status as a filtration enterprise, expand its advantages and achieve a new take-off.

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Shanghai Fleetguard has the spirit of continuous innovation, adhering to the concept of providing customers with life-long service, and fully meeting the changing needs of customers. Utilize the resources of Cummins filtration system and carry out adaptive development in combination with different characteristics of local environment and climate to help customers extend the service life of equipment in harsh environments.

Our product series are widely used in automobiles, construction machinery, generator sets, ships, railway locomotives and other fields. In addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, we are also exported to North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and other foreign markets. Our customers include domestic and foreign mainstream automobile and engine manufacturers, such as Dongfeng Group, Cummins Group, FAW Group, SAIC Group, etc.; construction machinery manufacturers, such as Komatsu Group, Xugong Group, Liugong Group, Hyundai Group, Doosan Group, etc.

Filtration Technology

The unique DC type corrugated structure, the volume is 50% smaller than the traditional air filter, the weight is 30% lighter, and it has the characteristics of miniaturization and light weight. Using nanofiber filter media, the filtration efficiency reaches more than 99.99%, which effectively improves the service life of the product. For high-speed and long-distance standard load applications, the replacement mileage of the air filter element can reach 80,000 to 100,000 kilometers (for applications under severe working conditions, the maintenance mileage should be appropriately shortened) .
The unique DC type corrugated structure, the volume is 50% smaller than the traditional air filter, the weight is 30% lighter, and it has the characteristics of miniaturization and light weight.

The maintenance interval is long. For high-speed and long-distance standard load applications, the maintenance mileage of the air filter element can reach 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers, reducing the number of user maintenance (applications under severe working conditions, the maintenance mileage should be appropriately shortened).
Through the straight-through flow channel design and the use of high-permeability filter media, the air intake resistance can be effectively reduced, which can be reduced by more than 20% compared with traditional cylindrical air filter products, which can effectively improve vehicle fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption.
The flexible shape structure design can be customized according to the layout requirements to develop track-shaped, cylindrical, square and other forms.
The frame design of the fully covered filter element effectively protects the filter paper core and reduces the risk of damage during the maintenance of the filter element.
The ergonomic handle structure design effectively improves the product experience.
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Detachable Filter

According to the complexity of Chinese roads, Shanghai Fleetguard Filter Co., Ltd. has specially researched and developed removable filter products. Meet the requirements of different types of users for the use of filters.


Shanghai Fleetguard Filter Co., Ltd. has introduced the advanced technology of Fleetguard of the United States, and obtained the authorization of Fleetguard of the United States. It adopts imported materials to produce LF9009, LF3000, etc. in China, using a new type of super fine filter media-StrataPore composite type filter. This type of filter has the advantages of high precision, high filtration efficiency and long service life, and combines the functions of full flow and split flow.

Centrifugal Oil Filter

The centrifugal oil filter of Shanghai Fleetguard Filter Co., Ltd. is a split-flow oil filter, which is composed of a base, a casing, a rotor shaft and a rotor body mechanism. It is a kind of oil fine filter. When the pressure oil enters the rotor, it drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, so various impurities and dirt with a specific gravity greater than that of the oil are separated and attached to the inner wall of the rotor under the action of centrifugal force.

Venturi Compound Filter

The filtration capacity of the Venturi composite filter of Hayfleet Filter Co., Ltd. is three times that of the synthetic fiber media filter. The products using the Venturi tube have higher filtration accuracy and better filtration efficiency. The service life is longer, thus ensuring the normal operation of the engine and reducing the operating cost of the user.

Plastic Air Filter

Shanghai Fleetguard Filter Co., Ltd. has developed and produced the new Optiair Lite ™ series of plastic air filter products, providing a complete solution for the field of engine intake filtration. The filter element structure of this type of product has the characteristics of radial sealing. It can be more reliable for long-term sealing, and its filter area is increased by 30% compared with ordinary products of the same type, which effectively reduces the flow resistance and improves the service life of the product.

Hand Pump Filter

Shanghai Fleetguard’s oil-water separator products can install hand pumps on the product base according to the needs of users. The hand pump on the base is convenient for users to remove the air in the oil circuit smoothly after replacing the oil-water separator, so that the filter is full of fuel, so as to ensure the smooth filtration of the filter and the normal operation of the engine.

Shanghai Fleetland takes “professional filtration to create value” as its corporate tenet, fully understands the needs and expectations of users, and meets or exceeds the needs and expectations of users. Led a well-trained and proactive workforce, united with Dongfeng and Cummins, two major industrial manufacturing companies, and adopted the engineering and technical standards of Cummins filtration systems. Continue to introduce new products and new technologies suitable for Chinese roads and environment.

Shanghai Fleetland product

Quality Management

Shanghai Fleetguard is the first company in the domestic filter industry to obtain the international certification of quality system ISO 9001 and QS-9000. In October 2003, Shanghai Fleetguard Company passed the ISO/TS16949 international certification.

Shanghai Fleetguard’s product laboratory was accredited by the China National Laboratory Accreditation Committee in October 2002, and was accredited by IFTS, one of the authoritative filtration technology laboratories in Europe, in May 2006.

Shanghai Fleetguard implements the quality management system requirements for automobile production parts and related service parts organizations (IATF16949:2016), monitors and measures processes and products according to customer requirements and the company’s quality policy objectives, and stably provides customers and products. Products required by applicable laws and regulations. Customer satisfaction is achieved through the effective application of the system, including a process of continuous improvement and nonconformity prevention.



Customer-oriented quality, always insist on continuous improvement to meet customer needs and expectations.


Optimize design, prevent defects, and develop new products in strict accordance with the requirements of product development advance planning.


Integrate quality into production, and create the concept that every employee is a process quality controller.


Take suppliers as partners, and continuously develop QS-9000/TS19649 system to suppliers.


Promote team spirit, adopt team work mode and common way to solve problems.

The company’s quality policy

① Fully understand the needs and expectations of users
② Reasonable design
③ Competent work process
④ Well-trained and proactive workforce
⑤ Treat people with modesty and sincerity

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