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Chalco’s Bofa project in Guinea Exceeds 30 Million Tons of Shipments!

Feb 24, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

On October 25, on the 4th anniversary of the start of construction of the Bauxite Project of CHALCO Guinea Bofa, the cumulative shipments of the project exceeded the 30 million tons mark, providing a solid resource guarantee for the stable alumina production of CHALCO shares.

Over the past four years since the construction started, in order to successfully complete the project construction and production operation tasks, the majority of Chalco Guinea employees have always fought with firm belief, high morale and tenacious style on the land of West Africa, overcoming adverse conditions such as harsh environment, lack of materials and difficult conditions, wandering and trudging, and emerging a lot of sung and cried advanced figures, not only creating excellent performance in engineering construction and production organization In addition, they have trained an excellent overseas project management team, laid a solid foundation and accumulated valuable experience for Chalco Group and Chalco Corporation to accelerate the pace of “going out”. The spirit of Bofa, with the connotation of “openness, tolerance, responsibility, hard work and dedication” shown by the cadres and staff of Chalco Guinea in the Bofa project, was selected as the spirit of Chalco, which fully reflects the high recognition of Chalco Group to the Bofa project.

Bearing in mind “the greatness of the country”, promoting the construction and commissioning of the project

Chalco Guinea Bofa Bauxite Project is the core project of Sino-Guinean cooperation in developing bauxite resources in Guinea, and is also the “front-runner” of Chalco Group in jointly building “One Belt and One Road”, the “bridgehead” of Chalco Group in promoting “Two Seas” strategy, and the first overseas large-scale aluminum project of Chinalco. It is also the “front-runner” of Chinalco Group in jointly building “one belt and one road”, the “bridgehead” of Chinalco Group in promoting “two seas” strategy and the first overseas large-scale aluminum project of Chinalco. Bearing in mind “the greatness of the country”, Chalco Guinea, under the strong leadership of Chalco Group and Chalco Corporation, has established a joint working mechanism at home and abroad, arranged the construction process scientifically and reasonably, and kept the project construction safety and progress under control at all times.

On October 28, 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony of Chalco Guinea Bofa Bauxite Project was held in Bofa City, Guinea. Facing the current situation of shortage of materials and weak technical force, CHALCO Guinea timely formulated measures to guarantee the construction needs. Firstly, it established a linkage mechanism at home and abroad and set up a working group composed of 15 cadres and employees for equipment supervision and material supply, to carry out all-round control on the manufacturing of key equipment such as power supply and distribution system, stacker and reclaimer, ship loading machine, etc., so as to fully guarantee the quality and progress of equipment manufacturing; secondly, in view of the backwardness of equipment at various ports in Guinea and the large backlog of cargo ships arriving at the port, it set up a customs clearance working group to keep a close eye on the arriving materials every day to ensure timely customs clearance and assist the construction work. To ensure timely clearance of materials, assist the construction unit to complete the container clearance, and ensure the orderly supply of materials for the project as a whole; Third, to form a “dedicated person, dedicated responsibility” guarantee work mechanism, coordinate with the construction units to establish resource sharing and adhere to the “early deployment, late dialogue, daily closed loop, weekly analysis, monthly The mechanism of “early deployment, late dialogue, daily closed-loop, weekly analysis and monthly summary” is coordinated to smooth the “micro-circulation” at the end of the project, and the initiative and enthusiasm of all employees and employees of participating units are mobilized through various labor competitions to ensure the smooth and efficient construction.

Chalco Guinea Bofa Project
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