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Application of Gears in Gear Reducers

Oct 18, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

Many times mechanical equipment does not need to rotate too fast, but needs more power. To meet the demand, the gear reducer was invented. The gear reducer takes the power of high-speed operation and meshes it with the gear on the input shaft of the reducer, and then outputs it to the large gear to achieve the purpose of deceleration.


Its principle is to use a small gear to drive a large gear to achieve a deceleration effect. Coupled with a multi-stage gear structure, the speed is even slower. The gear reducer is a relatively precise machine that can not only achieve deceleration but also increase the output torque. Gear reducers are used in mechanical equipment in many fields such as industry and agriculture. I just mentioned torque and let me add a question. As an aside, the editor accidentally discovered that I had read it wrong before. I even looked up this word in the dictionary, which is pronounced in the third tone all over the world, and there is no fourth tone at all. Isn’t it amazing? But if the calf song feels very. It’s awkward. I’ll just read the torque next. There are many types of gear reducers. Let’s take a look at several common types of planetary gear reducers. They are composed of a large gear and multiple small gears inside. It is named after the planets in the universe orbiting the sun. Compared with other reducers, planetary reducers have the characteristics of high precision, high transmission efficiency, and basically no maintenance. Because of these characteristics, most planetary reducers are installed on 4-volt motors to reduce speed and increase torque. The worm reducer is composed of gears and worms. Generally, the worm is an upper type, and the direction of rotation is at right angles. It is better than obtaining the power of the motor and generating force with higher torque. The wave rod reducer has a compact structure, a large transmission ratio, but a high transmission efficiency. Low, suitable for low-power intermittent operation. Helical gear reducers are similar to worm reducers. The helical gears are just inclined, which creates a higher mesh ratio, which produces less noise and makes them stronger. This pinch design creates a larger contact area without disengagement. The cut-off wheel reducer saves space, has durability and high overload capacity, and mainly provides medium and high speed for machinery. Spur gear reducers have supports parallel to the axis and are also the most common and commonly used type of gear reducer and can be composed of multiple gears. The spur gear reducer has a simple design, but has large torque, high efficiency, and is very strong and stable. It is suitable for slightly high-speed operation and is also the first choice for most industries.

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