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Another “Advance” Brand High Power New Product Will Sail to the Deep Sea

Mar 31, 2023 | Products Tendency | 0 comments

4LZF1100 clutch splitter box

Not long ago, the “HC869 stern slip trawler” built by Shandong Huanghai Shipyard completed the mooring test and performance test, and the test result was good. This means that the new HCT2000 type marine gearbox and 4LZF1100 clutch splitting box of Hangteeth “Advance” brand, whose comprehensive technical indexes have reached the international advanced level, will soon sail to the deep sea with the fishing vessel chopping the waves.

In order to meet the needs of ocean and high seas fishing operations, the world’s ocean-going fishing vessels are developing towards larger, stronger and more environmentally friendly vessels. Therefore, equipped with larger, more environmentally friendly ship power system has become an inevitable trend, the domestic shipbuilding equipment power range has developed from 800kw two years ago to the current 1500kw or more.

In the past five years, Hangteeth “Advance” has developed HCT1100, HCT1200 and HCT1400 marine gearboxes to meet the market demand of large trawlers, and the above series products are applied to fishing vessels with maximum power below 1000kw. The newly designed and developed HCT2000 marine gearboxes are designed to match with higher power main engines, and the product design technology is in line with the new CCS specification, which adopts remote monitoring and fault warning intelligent technology to improve the standardization and generalization of spare parts and enhance the reliability of ocean-going fishing vessel operations. The HCT2000 marine gearbox adopts two-stage reduction, and many technical indexes are close to the German ZF WAF1173, but its speed ratio range is larger and its functions are more complete, and the comprehensive technical indexes of the product reach the international advanced level.

The 4LZF1100 clutch splitter box is a new technology and new concept in product development. The two-speed clutch drive generator technology is applied to fishing vessels for the first time, which can not only meet the needs of ship navigation and operating conditions, but also improve the fuel efficiency of 15% of the power generation, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. Thereafter, Hangtooth will further pay attention to the actual ship test voyage and use effect, and provide practical basis for the future popularization and promotion of the use of the ship type, and the product has a broad application prospect.

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