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Advance Marine Gearbox 2LH800

The Gearbox Type of Advance 2LH800 Marine Gearbox Is 2 Inputs and 1 Output, The Gear Transmission Type is Two-Stage Helical Gear Transmission, The Rated Input Transmission Speed is 1500 RPM, The Center Distance is 1640 mm (The Distance Between the Two Inputs), The Speed Ratio it is 1:1, The Single Input Transmission Capacity is 0.3 kW / (RPM), The Coupling is a High Elastic Coupling SAE14.
The 2LH800 Gearbox Adopts Hydraulic Clutch Control, And the Control Method is Electronic Control. The Transmission System is: Diesel Engine—High Elastic Coupling—Input Flange—Gearbox Shafting—Output Shaft. The Gearbox is Equipped with an Independent Lubrication and Cooling System, Which Consists of an Oil Pump, An Oil Cooler, An Oil Pressure Gauge, Etc.
The Bearing and Gear Meshing Points are Well Lubricated.

1. Gear Adopts High Quality Alloy Steel, After Carburizing, Quenching Treatment, Tooth Surface Hardness HRC58 ~ 62. After Grinding Gear, With Enough Tooth Surface and Root Strength and Good Quality.
2. The Gearbox Body Adopts Steel Plate Welding Structure. After Welding the Gearbox Body is Tempered to Eliminate Welding Stress and Ensure the Gearbox Body Accuracy and Stability.
3. The Gearbox is Equipped With an Independent Lubrication and Cooling System, Which is Composed of Oil Pump, Oil Cooler, Oil Pressure Gauge, Etc. the Bearings and Gear Meshing Points are Well Lubricated.
4. This Product Has the Function of Double Input and Single Output. It is Con-Trolled by Two Clutches Separately and Can Work Alone or at the Same Time.
5. The Structure of This Product is Reliable, Soft and Smooth, Durable, Safe and Reliable.
6. The Input End of this Product is Equipped With a Highly Flexible Cou-Pling, and the Output End is a Shaft With a Flat Key.

Technical Specifications

Basic Introduction of  Advance Marine Gearbox 2LH800

Genset Model:2LH800
Rated Input Speed:1500 RPM
Input 1 & 2:Diesel Engine 450 kW / 1500 RPM
Center Distance:1640 mm (Two Input Spacing)
Single Input Transfer Capability:0.3 kW / (RPM)
Mechanical Efficiency:≥96%
Dimensions:2320 mm * 1002 mm * 938 mm
Net Weight:1900 kg
Lead Time:15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms:T/T ,L/C
Advance 2LH800 Marine Gearbox Product Diagram.


Input Speed

Reduction Ratio

Input 1 & 2



2LH8001500 RPM1:1Diesel Engine 450 kW / 1500 RPM2320 mm * 1002 mm * 938 mmElectronic Control

Technical Specifications of Advance 2LH800 Marine Gearbox

Engine Model2LH800Gearbox TypeTwo Inputs and One Output
Transmission ModeCylindrical Helical Gear Two-Stage TransmissionClutch TypeHydraulic Multi-Plate Clutch (Wet)
Drive TypeTwo Stage TransmissionRated Input Speed1500 RPM
Dimensions (L*W*H)2320 mm * 1002 mm * 938 mmWeight1900 kg
Center Distance1640 mm (Two Input Spacing)Ratio1:1
Input 1Diesel Engine 450 kW / 1500 RPMDirection of Rotation of Onput 1Clockwise Facing the Gearbox Input 1
Input 2Diesel Engine 450 kW / 1500 RPMDirection of Rotation of Onput 2Clockwise Facing the Gearbox Input 2
Direction of Rotation of OutputSame Direction of Rotation with Input ShaftDirection of Rotation of Output ShaftSame as Input Rotation
Coupling TypeHighly Flexible Coupling SAE14Output FormShaft with Flat Key
Single Input Transfer Capability0.3 kW / (RPM)Output Rated Transfer Capacity0.533 kW / (RPM)
Clutch Connection Time3~5 sWorking Oil Pressure of Clutch1.3-1.5 MPa
Oil Pressure0.05-0.3 MPaOil GradeSD/CC30
Cooling Water Consumption≥4 m3/hCooling Water Inlet Temperature≤32 ℃
Cooling CapacityCooler Cooling Capacity About 27kWType of ControlElectronic (DC 24 V)
Mechanical Efficiency≥96%Gearbox Output Torque with Row≤100 N.m

Operating Conditions of Advance 2LH800 Marine Gearbox

ItemOperating ModeClutch 1 (Input 1)Clutch 2 (Input 2)Working Condition Description
1Diesel Engine 1ConnectDisconnectPower is Provided by Diesel Engine 1 Alone, Engine Speed is Closed Loop.
2Diesel Engine 2DisconnectConnectPower is Provided by Diesel Engine 2 Alone, Engine Speed is Closed Loop.
3Dual MachineConnectConnectBoth Engines Power the Load Simultaneously.
Remark1. No Reverse Working Condition
In Order to Make the Gearbox Work Normally, it shall be Maintained Ac-Cording to the Following Provisions. a) Daily Maintenance According to Class 1 b) Every 1000 Hours According to Class 2. c) Every 5000 Hours According to Class 3. d) Every 10,000 Hours According to Class 4.  

Maintenance items of Advance 2LH800 Marine Gearbox

1Check the Oil Level of Gearbox*   
2Check for Abnormal Murmurs*
3Check for Oil and Water Leakage*   
4Check the Oil Pressure Gauge*
5Clean the Oil Filter *  
6Check Input Coupling Installation Accuracy*
7Check the Wear Condition of High Flexible Rubber Block  * 
8Check the Axial Clearance of the Bearing Ring*
9Check the Wear of the Bearing Ring, Friction Plate, Oil Seal Sleeve and Oil Seal Ring  * 
10Check the Wear and Aging of the Input and Output Rubber Oil Seals*
11Check the Installation Accuracy of the Output Connection Flange, Tighten the Platen Bolts and Connecting Bolts  * 
12Check the Oil Pump*
13Cleaning Cooler  * 
14Oil Change*
15Decompose and Clean the Parts and Parts of the Gearbox, Check and Replace Bearings, Oil Seals, Parts and So on   *

General Troubleshooting of Advance 2LH800 Marine Gearbox

Gearbox Vibration1. The Installation Accuracy is too Low1. Calibration According to Instructions
2. The High Elastic Rubber Block is Damaged2. Replace the High Elastic
3. Support Bolt Loose3. Tighten Bolts Everywhere
4. The Unit Of Resonant Vibration4. Avoid the Resonance Speed Zone
Oil Pump is Not Oiled or the Oil Pressure is Unstable1. Steering Error or Oil Pump Damage1. Check Steering or Replace Oil Pump
2. The Oil Level is too Low2. Add Oil
3. The Oil Filter is Blocked3. Clean the Oil Filter and Change the Cleaning Oil
4. The Oil Pressure Gauge is Damaged4. Replace the Oil Pressure Gauge
5. Suction Line Takes in Air5. Tighten the Suction Circuit Bolts
Working Oil Pressure too Low1. The Delay Throttle Hole Of the Hydraulic Control Component is Blocked1. Clean the Pilot Orifice
2. Hydraulic Control Components Delay Piston Stuck2. Clean and Repair Delayed Piston
3. Insufficient Spring Force in Pressure Valve3. Replace Spring or Add Gasket
4. The Oil Filter is Clogged4. Clean the Oil Filter and Change the Cleaning Oil
5. Sealing Ring, Piston Ring and Other Wear and Tear5. Replace Heavily Worn Parts
Oil Pressure is Unstable and too Low1. The Oil Filter is Blocked1. Clean the Oil Filter
2. Sealing Ring, Piston Ring and Other Wear and Tear2. Replace Badly Worn Parts
3. The Oil Pump is Worn and Undersupplied3. Replace the Pump
Clutch Slide1. Working Oil Pressure is too Low or Unstable1. Process According to Class 2 and Class 3
2. The Friction Plate is Worn2. Replace the Friction Plate
Excessive Strip Row Torque1. The Friction Plate is Seriously Warped or Stuck1. Replace the Friction Plate
2. Work Jam Died2. Cleaning Repair
3. Return Spring Fails3. Replace the Spring
4. The Viscosity Of Oil is too High4. Prescribed Oil
Oil Temperature is too High1. Clutch Slide1. Process According to Class 5
2. The Cooler is Partially Blocked or the Cooling Water is Not Enough2. Clean the Cooler and Increase the Cooling Water
3. The Oil Level is too High3. Fill Oil According to Oil Gauge
4. Bearings, Push Rings and Other Rotating Parts Are Damaged4. Replace Damaged Parts
5. The Oil Aging5. Oil Change
Leaking Oil1. The Bolts On the Sealing Joint Surface Are Loose or the Pad is Damaged1. Tighten the Bolts or Replace the Packing Paper
2. The Sealing Joint Surface is Damaged or There is Debris2. Repair the Bonding Surface
3. Rubber Seals Are Damaged or Aging3. Replace the Rubber Seal
Too Much Impact When Connecting and Discharging1. The Connection and Discharge Time is too Short1. Set the Connection Time to 3 to 6 Seconds
2. The Friction Plate is Worn2. Replace the Friction Plate
The Connection Time is too Long. Procedure1. The Delay Throttle Hole is too Small1. Increase the Throttle
2. The Delay Throttle Hole is Partially Blocked2. Clear Debris From the Orifice
3. Oil Viscosity is too High (Especially in Winter)3. Change the Proper Oil

Marine Gearboxs Conventional Wearing Parts

External DiscInternal DiscSealingPiston Ring
GasketRubber SealingThrust PlateFilter
Coil Type FilterPackingOringInput Shaft Assembly
Transmission Shaft AssembyOutput Shaft AssemblyHydraulic Control System 


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Marine GearboxMarine Propeller
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Engine Sale Manual

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Installation Drawing

The picture of Installation Manual showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Installation Manual

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Operation Manual

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Parts Catalogue

The picture of Test Report and Certifcate showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Report & Certifcate


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