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Advance Group’s SAP ERP System was Officially Launched

Jun 8, 2022 | Industry Outlook | 0 comments

In ancient times, there was “Da Yu’s water control”, but today there is “informatization to promote enterprises”. On April 1, the “Dayu” project (SAP ERP system) of Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co.,LTD Group was officially launched. The project has established a preparatory team in March 2020, with general manager Yang Shuiyu as the team leader, leading the project team to organize and plan the entire process, and officially launched in July. After more than 250 days and nights of research and discussion, continuous attempts, and overcoming difficulties, the company finally achieved a smooth launch, bringing new momentum to the development of the Advance group’s intelligent manufacturing.


On March 24th, the company held a mobilization meeting for the launch of the SAP ERP project in the multi-functional hall. General manager Yang Shuiyu pointed out that the launch of the “Dayu” project represented a new development in the information construction of Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co.,LTD. At the same time of work, it is necessary to go online as a starting point, continue to research and explore, play real value in practical applications, and use informatization to ensure the high-quality development of enterprises.

 Why Upgrade?

In today’s market environment, informatization has become the only way for manufacturing enterprises to realize intelligent manufacturing. The company has successively introduced two generations of ERP systems. With the development of the market economy, the original system can no longer meet the company’s development needs. In order to allow enterprises to rationally utilize resources, maximize and optimize ERP performance, realize modern enterprise management, and respond to market customers faster, the company decided to upgrade to the third-generation SAP S4 ERP system.

What have We Done?

The SAP ERP project team is composed of the company’s information center personnel and an external senior consultant team, with rich technical experience and strong execution.

The project team faced the difficulties and devoted themselves to the system upgrade work. After intensive research on the status quo, expert discussions, blueprint design, configuration development, unit testing, integration testing, key business backbone training, practical operation guidance and other important stages, Overcome all kinds of difficulties in the construction of data platform and in-depth data mining to ensure the successful launch of the system.

 What does it Bring Us?

The launch of the SAP ERP system has realized the upgrade of enterprise informatization. With BOM as the core, big data is used to drive business volume, which further provides an effective way to achieve standardized management, information sharing, and smooth process, and accelerate the pace of Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co.,LTD’s entry into intelligent manufacturing.

What do we do after Going Online?

While the SAP management system brings convenience to enterprises, it also faces huge operational and maintenance guarantee problems.

  1. To improve data quality, pay attention to every link;
  2. Work hard and quickly accept the new experience brought by the new system;
  3. We must fully implement the overall thinking work concept of upstream and downstream, front and back ends.

 Intelligent manufacturing is the future development direction. To build an intelligent factory, Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co.,LTD must improve its informatization capabilities. With the establishment and official launch of the “Dayu” project, it is believed that with the efforts of all employees of the group, the informatization of Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co.,LTD will surely provide new momentum for the high-quality development of the enterprise.


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